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full over full bunk beds

Looking for full over full bunk beds for home or a vacation home to save room space?

With a normal ten inch mattress at the bottom bunk an adult cannot sit under the bunk, we suggest if you are going to buy a new mattress than buy a thinner one, would be 6 in max.

Do not worry if your kids are a bit rough with things, because they are doing good with quality. These beds are sturdy.

Do not make mistake during assembly, it may take a bit more time.

YOU MUST HAVE TWO PEOPLE TO ASSEMBLE. You can do quite a bit of the tedious stuff yourself, but yeah, no way around it. Invite a strong friend over when you’ve done the most of it you can in your own and lure this person over promising pizza, beer and chocolate cake (plus a blazing fun time applying both brawn and brainwork to complete a worthy task)

These are such a fun way to save space and create a bedroom for more than one child, while leaving room for a play or study area (if your kids are older).

affordable yet heavy duty option. You could never see spending thousands of dollars for a big name brand when these beds delivers the same thing.


First, the assembly takes a good amount of time, 2-4 hours minimum to do a good job.

This is made from New Zealand pine. A good solid wood with few cosmetic flaws. the wood is brittle, which contributes to the structural failures. Very nice finish but with some odor that takes a few weeks to dissipate. It is NOT toxic.

You can also set them up as two separate beds and it will work well. The assembly wasn’t hard, just a little time consuming.

full over full bunk beds

Like all foreign-sourced unassembled furniture it has pictures but no words in the directions. A power drill/screwdriver and a rubber mallet is a big help. Sorting all the parts prior to staring save time. The paint finish is smooth with no thin or painted spots. All parts fit together well.

They’re a good product for the price. The bed has nice small footprint, and the bottom bunk isn’t too high for up to 5 years old. and up to 10 year old can get up and down from the top bunk easily.


Once together, you may buy Bunkie boards by taking accurate measurements down to your local Home Depot (they cut large plywood sheeting for one dollar a cut). Bunkie boards add a bit more sturdiness and could use thinner foam type mattresses to give a higher rail for them learning to climb up and down correctly and safely.

full over full bunk beds

Zero problem with quality (one very small chip of paint, which with this size of a product is nominal). Boards are not warped, holes aligned, hardware is all there and substantial (they are not look or feel cheap AT ALL).

Are buying this expecting to be disappointed? You are WRONG. It is easy to put together.

It’s not heavy. It’s VERY sturdy. It doesn’t take up much space and its great for small children.


Fist this bed is LOW, YOU can easily stand over top of this from the ground if you are above 5’5′. the assemble is actually pretty fast and you can do it by yourself, you may also buy a loft and put together a loft bed from the same company it would be a bit more work to do alone.

The plastic feels like a bad cad dream. Each slat at each end is prevented form coming out of a channel by placing with some force a plastic blank in the bed frame above where the slat meets the every slat that’s two plastic bits, then each slat gets two plastic ring, each plastic ring has a bar connecting it the previous and next slate so 4.5 plastic bits per slat.

full over full bunk beds

The bunk took about 30-45 min. to assemble, if you are handy and have the right tools with a second person occasionally helping at certain stages. WE were pleased with the low height of the beds yet plenty of headroom in the bottom bunk, especially for kids. They are sturdy and they’ll last well.

Handy tip; when putting in the clips that hold the slates in place, use 2 hands, press on the outer edges at the same time, bowing the clip out, and then they snap in really easy. Otherwise you have to fight them a little.


Have better need two people to cooperate, one for installation, the other one for holding them together, It take four hours to finish, it, thus be patient please. You need someone who can use electric screw driver well. WE want to emphasize that the painting with no any bad smell, it is very good for health. In addition. we still have something very important to emphasize, cause by the bed slate. The bed slate (with no painting they are made of natural wood ) always keep volatizing at beginning 20 days.

full over full bunk beds

The number of 20 bed slates means will have much more natural smell keep volatilizing. It is natural smell, thus it is nontoxic. Like flowers, many people like it, but may people have allergy to it. So we suggest you could buy it in early time.

You had better to put mattress on the down bed after I finish installation. You can’t put it on the bed if you are not smart. You need little skill to put your mattress on the bed.

This is a high quality bunk bed at a great price. The instructions were mostly pretty clear but It did end up having to make two alterations/corrections.

In conclusion, this is a really outstanding bunk bed frame with mostly clear instructions that looks fantastic and is very sturdy.


product is easy to put together. It takes a bit of time if you are working by yourself, and you will need someone to help you hold pieces or lift the top to the bottom at some point. Bunk bed is sturdy when it gets put together. You could easily add another cross piece or plywood for more support as your kids get older if need be.

Compact it’s not any longer or wider then our single full bed just taller.

Easy assembly very well labeled but only pictures so it will take a couple of times we to switch pieces around. Sturdy which means the boxes are very heavy look beautiful if you like traditional wood.

full over full bunk beds

Not a lot of space between top and bottom bunk if you put a tall mattress down there approx. 31” between the bottom bunk slates and the top bunk beam.

The instruction came with detailed illustrations but at first. However, we realized it is not more difficult than building a LEGO set and you could do almost all by yourself.

The hardware, tools, and parts are all labeled with stickers which makes the assemble much less complicated. The bunk bed parts are all made of wood and there were no plastic pieces.

Since there were so many pieces to assemble., once done with the assembly, you could then see that the top rails are high enough to secure the mattress and to prevent a sleeper to fall off.


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