The Best White, Wide Leg, Flare Jeans , Sweat Pants for Women in 2023

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Are you looking for some best and cheap white pants?

I literally worn them doing yard work today which says a lot! In the past I would only put on white jeans once a year for a dinner out and then instantly change when I got home!

white legging, pants and jeans

Fashion witticism, yes We are talking about the history the White pants become witticism in past years, and announcing of single pair of white jeans is wrong, because it depends on every individual, We have delineation and shadow which gives more support to ourselves, Blanched denim was listed in past year’s summer item list, limited with memorial day to Labor Day but now baggy styles and tampered, high rise, bellbottom, and straight denim are again been chosen in white.

If you have been checking out with Nordstrom, macy or any departmental store than you should try this, because you had to spend over $110 to get a NYDJ jean, Denim, Gloria Vanderbilt, Democracy, No-Nonsense, Hanes, Arctix, Sidefeel. But here are some great deal with $12.50 to $109, great fit, high quality and stretch a bit. the look works and these pants look nice on a 14 to 65 year old body with any shape, it is not your designer but it look good.

If it has been a while to hear a compliment, wear these recommended pants and get exceptional compliments.

  • NYDJ
  • HANE


As person who can never buy jeans without trying on tons of pairs this was a test and NYDJ passed with flying colors. they fit perfectly, and figure flattering, The denim retains more heat so you wouldn’t want to wear in hot weather,

NYDJ passed with flying colors. they fit perfectly, and figure flattering denim

These are the most comfortable jeans, it’s so true that our bodies sure do change over time. If you legs are still skinny, but middle sure isn’t! These jeans really take that into account and fit perfectly o more “mature” figure. You can put them on right out of the dryer- No more lying down on the bed to get them zipped.


If you hate feeling like either you have jeans that fit, but cannot button them for fear of cutting off circulation to the lower part of body Or jeans that are extremely loose and look sloppy, try these jeans because the price is right.

If you have tennis shoes and a 2″-heeled boot, you should try these and you will be please with the look of both! you can just cuffed the jeans up a little and they look great! These are a great pair of jeans for the price and comfort, plus they look cute!

GLORIA VANDERBILT jeans, if you are a plus size as they stretch and fit in all the right places

These jeans are the best if you are a plus size as they stretch and fit in all the right places

These have just the right amount of Stretch!


We do think it would be great if the designer or manufacturer of the jeans can make sizes that go above the extra extra large size so that anyone who is above the 16/18 size range can also enjoy buying pants that are very flattering and can make them feel confident in what they wear without having to go into the store and try on so many different pairs of pants and possibly walk out without even buying one pair of jeans.

If you wear a 24 in Torrid size pants, and the 4x pants fit you very well. They are nice and tight on the thighs, which is great because most plus size pants are really loose in that area, So these are very flattering, comfortable and perfect for any curvy girl that is hesitant to buy jeans without trying them on first.

White Pants for Women

You really been looking for a pair of jeans that were not slim fit or tapered at the leg or just a normal wide leg ant. they have a stretchy waistband if you are weeks pregnant and they are amazing. They will work perfectly when you are not pregnant also.

No chemical smell. This is a Huge Bonus for YOU!


Many pairs of “stretchy jeans” biggest complaint is that they are initially snug but then get progressively looser during the day, and by the end of the day, puling them up & swearing YOU need to remember to wear a belt. These jeans have a band of elastic at the waist that keep them tight/secure all day, which is fabulous! NO MORE BELT.

Democracy jeggings just fell right, the tummy tuck, stretch and butt lift make you feel incredibly confident when looking in the mirror and they are comfortable.

DEMOCRACY,  jeggings just fell right, the tummy tuck, stretch and butt lift make you feel incredible

If you hated jeans growing up and still have never felt super comfortable in jeans but these ones feel more like dress pants or legging, The jeans fit well and are flattering. The rise is between a mid-rise and high-rise. High enough to hold in belly without a muffin top, and low enough to not look like mom-jeans.


Hate jeans! have a big tummy and the waist on most jeans drives you nuts? Thus you have been wearing leggings for years but now feel like leggings are becoming a little uncool and jeans are trending back.\Tried another brand of pull on skinny/joggings but the waistband was wider and would roll down when sitting? That brand was a petite short, but was still a little long and bunched at the ankles. these jeans check all the boxes from fitting and flattering, but not too tight. The short length hits right at ankles. the waistband isn’t too wide or too tight. It also stays put when sitting.

AMAZON ESSENTIALS, Most jeggings that fit around middle are massive on the hips and legs but these fit perfectly

Are you classic Apple shape with a round tummy but slim hips and legs? Most jeggings that fit around middle are massive on the hips and legs but these fit perfectly. would definitely recommend for summer as the fabric is lightweight..

Would love that these jeggings are not so super skinny that you look ridiculous in them! They stretch is beautiful and they hold you in just right. After wearing them all day they will not saggy at all. These fit so well and flatter


look saggy baggy elephant? NO MORE

Do not have a big bottom or thick thighs so it would slide down a bit through out the day?

These leggings in white are very comfortable and thick with pockets on the back to give a jean like look – can go out the door wearing them! I did buy another pair as was pleased with quality. They are not sheer

No-NONSENSE, These leggings in white are very comfortable and thick with pockets on the back to give a jean like look

Have not stretched out holds shape very comfy and looks like jeans you could dress them up with nice blouse sweater and no one would know.

These jeggings are the perfect fit for teen daughter. Stretchy, strong, clean and comfortable perfect for when she wants to be a kid and when she wants a more grown up look. You would refer these to several of your adult friends who love them just as much!

People also buy these pants for work so comfortable and they look great, Thin and stretchy fabric, Excellent craftsmanship


Cheap fast finish at the cuff but easy enough to rip out with a razor blade and make shorter if you needed to. Overall a quick factory made product with no frills and potential problems depending on how your body is build. If you decide to keep just make sure you have at least 1/2″ to spare through the thighs! we are considering going up a size because of the shrinkage making them a bit on the snug side through the thighs/hip area AFTER WASHING

You might have to alter that if necessary but over all happy with the pants and way easier and cheaper than going out and buying the fabric and going through the hassle to make them which you could do. and as you can see the new pant are not the same size! This is not dryer shrink, people also wear these pants after knee surgery. Plenty of width in the leg. Slight shrinkage after washing.

HANES, These pants are a light weight sweat pants

These pants are a light weight sweat pants. Very comfortable for lounging around the house or doing housework. If you need to run out, feel the pants are okay for running errands. Nice comfortable fit for my wife to wear around the house on a cold day.

Need something comfy to wear around the house? you can wear these over your pajamas in the early morning to walk you dog. and if It is very cold, these pants make it bearable. They are warm and long enough to reach tennis shoes.

People say about Hane on amazon that its Nice material, washes well, feels good inside. Nice cut to the pattern. Tighter through the thighs growing a little bigger from the knees down to ankle and plenty wide enough through the calf/s(of course that would depend on your own personal calves). yeah a lot of fuzz came out in the dryer but they are still soft and fuzzy


finding a pair of snow pants that fit is impossible and we always check size references in review was concerned with the bib style that it would be too tight around chest, but we found that with the adjustable straps, you can get it to fit just right. we think you’re more pear shaped, else would fit just fine as you can adjust the straps a lot if you need it tighter around the chest, they feel like a onesie with crunchier sounding fabric they’re fairly flattering as far as snow pants go when the straps are properly adjusted.

The design accommodates people who carry their weight in their lower half (derriere and hips).

you could go up one more size to have a little more bending and movement room.

ARCTIX, The design accommodates people who carry their weight in their lower half (derriere and hips)

The jumper’s legs have two layers, one with elastic for inside the boot, and the outer white shell for outside the boot. There is plenty of room in the hips but for curves to fit without any discomfort when sitting. The straps are adjustable, and there is a center zipper for ease on and off. The pockets also have zippers and can easily fit a large phone. You’ll be overall very pleased.