6 coolest white laptops

6 coolest white laptops

I have started using chromebooks in white more because they are inexpensive and very convenient to use. They aren’t too good for hardcore processing, but for school work or personal work, it meets all my needs. Whenever I use it, everything is pretty smooth and seamless. Start and shut down are almost instant. I have never had an issue with it’s use so far. I think for me, the biggest plus is the elegance. It makes everything very easy to use, it looks great, it even retains its new smell after some months with light use. My other laptops have poor track pads but this one is infinitely better. I don’t feel the need to use a wireless mouse as well. I ended up getting a screen protector for it for almost $20 because it was a touch screen. I like how it has a lot of features like hdmi cables, one usbs, even a memory card slot. I think for the price, it is definitely worth it. It feels like a very high end chromebook, although I generally wouldn’t pay too much for a white laptop in general because I don’t need high processing. The buttons feel nice and smooth. There hasn’t been much lag or delay time. Updates are easy and smooth. Screen is nice to look at and the colors are great. There doesn’t seem to be much glare and it feels aesthetically pleasing. Yeah everything’s really nice with this.

Lenovo Chromebook C330 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop

Overall, I would say the laptop is great. It is definitely worth the price of around $300. It is small, lightweight (although could be more), responsive, looks great, smells new after months, smooth to use, track pad is pretty good,

Processing speed is 2.1 ghz, never had a problem or issue with lags. 4 gb ram is okay, probably wouldnt do 2 gb. 11.6 screen, I wanted something smaller so this is a plus to me. Bit heavy with 2.64 lbs for a small laptop but it’s okay, still my lightest one. internet connection is good and bluetooth use was good. Processor never had a problem with Mediatek. Convertible to tablet mode is a plus. Solid state so processes quickly which is a big plus. Battery life is great, I hate charging and finding an outlet, but this goes on for more than 8-10 hours, just doing school stuff, no videos. I would say I searched like crazy in the beginning. I wanted one main personal laptop and one small convertible laptop and this was the best convertible one I could find on Amazon. I compared like 20+ laptops over a week, I was really putting a ridiculous amount of time on it. But I had specific things I wanted in mine, like speed, aesthetics, smooth performance, and valued those more than other things. I wanted things to be really convenient.

There are some things I don’t like about it though. Originally, I had planned to use this as a tablet part-time because I didn’t want to buy paper textbooks. I thought of using all of it on this chromebook, but it turned out to not be convenient because it was too heavy. I would use it on the train and my hands would almost immediately get tired trying to read. I would have to rest is down on myself, which isn’t a big deal but wanted something I could read ebooks and pdfs on conveniently. I don’t know if I will end up getting another one to serve that purpose. It also is a chromebook so it cannot download files and stuff. I don’t particularly like that because that stops it from being my main computer. I don’t like putting personal stuff on my drive, like my expenses or whatever even though it is irrational and I do it with some apps. Maybe I should, but the fact that everything is on my drive to see makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. I don’t mind that this computer cannot really do much without internet because I always have something saved on it. It has 64 gb of memory which I think is quite significant. I mean, if I couldn’t put anything on the drive, I wouldn’t feel that, but 64 gb + drive storage seems more than enough and I am trying to be a minimalist anyway. Yeah not that many cons.

Lenovo Chromebook C330

Anyway, I wanted a inexpensive laptop but this definitely performs up to par with most white laptops. Never had a problem with it so far months into my purchase but did want something I could use as a tablet. Would definitely recommend. Definitely better than a lot of the stuff I grew up with that cost 3x more. Best laptop I could find and really pleasantly surprised overall in many areas.

Full disclosure, I am not an IT professional but use laptops, tablets, and desktop computers daily in my personal and work life. This chromebook has far exceeded my expectations. This is my first time using a chromebook. I have had a week or so to really dig into the device. I own an alienware gaming laptop, but I find myself only using it now for gaming purposes only.

This chromebook is fast in my opinion. The speed is snappy and the device responds quickly to gestures and commands. I have yet to find sometime I can’t do on this that I do on my windows laptop aside from gaming. One game I like to play requires windows, mac, or linux. Since this has an ARM processor it does not support linux applications at this time.

Design: This device is a bright attractive white chromebook. I find the design to be pleasing to the eye and appears sturdy even though it is made from plastic. I do not particularly like using it in tablet mode. The screen feels bulky and sometimes unmanageable in tablet mode. The screen quickly transitions to whatever position to place it in whether laptop, tent, or tablet mode. I personal find myself not even using my LG tablet for much of anything except when I need LTE internet away from home. Overall the design is great.

Screen/Input: I find the keyboard to be on par with most laptop keyboards. The keys are a little shallow and I feel my typing has slowed a little bit, but not by much. The IPS touchscreen is very responsive and rarely find myself having to touch the screen more than once for my intended gesture. Screen is bright in home conditions, but feel it would lack in more intense lighting situations, such as outdoors.

Ease of Use: The google play store makes this thing be able to do just about anything. I have not tried any intense applications. I use chrome, netflix, hulu, evernote, several banking apps, and various other apps. All of them are snappy responsive. The bank apps load like they are in phone mode, thus they are in a small window. The apps still work as designed. Netflix and Hulu playback is smooth and pleasant to watch on the screen.

Overall, I am impressed with the Google OS and this device in general. If your someone who is on the fence about the operating system, I suggest you give it a try. The battery life is good as well. When using my gaming laptop its always with a cord tethered nearby. I also understand a gaming laptop is far more power intensive. I have yet to use this chromebook while charging it. The battery has allowed me to watch 4-5 hours of netflix, talk on facebook, and text through my phone without ever getting critically low. I charge it at night and then never put it back on till the next night. This is a max screen brightness. I was also very surprised with the speakers. The speakers were much louder and not distorted. I honestly expected them to be cheap netbook quality that is mostly better just to never use them, but thats not the case with this chromebook. I do generally use a bluetooth headset. The bluetooth headset paired with extreme simplicity. I also set up my brother wireless laser printer with google cloud print in less than 30 seconds.

Google did it right and lenovo delivered a solid product. I did purchase this on sale for $200 but would have spent the $300. If your a web surfer, music listener, netflix watcher I highly recommend this. If you need windows intense software then go with windows. Otherwise I think you’ll find yourself using this as your primary device as I have.

I’ve been doing research on Chromebooks as my Macbook Pro Retina (2013) recently died. I needed something portable, fast, cheap ($300-400 CAD) and easy to use for multimedia / work / documents.

After looking through Lenovo’s different options, I decided to pick up the Lenovo S330. The S330 was great, nice bezels, sturdy and an okay screen… But the screen had really bad viewing angles and didn’t have a touch-screen.

So I decided to return the S330 and purchase the C330…. WOW, BIG DIFFERENCE. The touch-screen, smaller form factor and overall look just BLEW me away. I didn’t think that I’d use the touch-screen that much, however, chromebooks are OPTIMIZED for touch-screens.

Overall, for under $400, I would highly recommend getting the C330 instead of the S330

Acer Chromebook CB3-131-C3SZ 11.6-Inch Laptop (White)

Acer Chromebook CB3-131-C3SZ

I’ve had this baby for 4 years and it’s still going strong. It does everything that I need it to do, which is mostly surfing the internet. I often have multiple browser tabs open, and it handles things like a champ. Sure it sometimes refreshes the tabs or gets a little laggy, but that’s to be expected.

It’s easy to use it in combination with Google sheets or other online applications that replace regular programs like Microsoft Office, and I can use Chrome remote desktop to do work on my work laptop if I need to stay home. I don’t really miss having a laptop much at all, especially since I can use offline mode if needed and store most everything (such as photos and videos) on external drives.

It’s light and sturdy, so it’s easy to take traveling.

I do have some trouble connecting it to Bluetooth and lately it’s been having trouble staying connected to Wi-Fi, but overall this thing has totally exceeded my expectations. I’m considering upgrading to a fancier touchscreen model, but I think I’ll probably stick with Acer since it’s treated me so well!

Let me start off saying that I am a long time Mac user. I’ve only ever known my Mac, and I loved it dearly. It was more than I ever needed in a laptop, but it was time for a change (it was dying and falling apart on me). I’ve played around on a friends dell/windows (?) laptop before, and hated it ( not the desktop though). I just couldn’t get used to the “feel” of it and the mouse touch pad drove me crazy. It seemed more complicated than my Macs mouse touch pad. So with my lack in laptop experience, I was a hesitant shopper.
I researched what I could and this Acer Chromebook seemed to have good reviews and was in my price range! (I even posted some questions and got some very helpful answers from users here on amazon!)

I bought the
~Intel Celeron N2840 2.16 GHz
~16 GB Internal Storage
~11.6-Inch HD IPS Screen, Intel HD Graphics
~Patterned Aluminum Cover, Google Chrome, Up to 9-hour battery life
Chromebook (New)

I’ve only been using this Chromebook for a few day’s now (I’m actually writing this review on it right now), and I have to say I absolutely love it!
I was worried about a memory so I picked up a  SanDisk 32GB Class 4 SDHC Memory Card, Frustration-Free Packaging- SDSDB-032G-AFFP (Label May Change) . I’ve been leaving it in my Chromebook without any problem. It almost perfectly lines up with the side of the chromebook. So as long as I’m not pushing in the sides, the SD card shouldn’t accidentally be “clicked” out. I haven’t used any memory yet other than saving a couple pictures (to set my wallpaper and my sign in picture).

This Chromebook is lightweight and I can easily move it from room to room. There is no overheating/fan noise (and I’ve played around on it for HOURS and the underneath barely gets warm!). Offline I feel like, the battery would last up to 9 hours, but i’ve been playing online (not paying attention to how long) and I still don’t worry about charging it until its there is about 10-15% life left, which is after hours of use! (and it only seems to take about 1 1/2 -2 hours to charge to full when I’m not on it). I make sure to take it off the charger after it is fully charged (I hear keeping any electronics on the charger after it is fully charged could decrease the battery usage/life and i’d rather be safe than sorry!)
I love the keyboard, It’s feels just like any regular keyboard. Minus the “cap lock” button. Which is the only button i’m getting used to not having (since I used to use it all the time) But love the search button, and how you can talk search too! (I’m still learning all the fun little things that come along with owning this little laptop!)
The mouse touch pad has a nice feel and use to it. I like just “tapping” the Mouse pad allows you to “click” and that if you put pressure on the mouse pad, you can actually click (for highlighting, copy and pasting etc) I actually found that out by accident! (I was sad at first because I thought there was no way to highlight text or “right click” things – click with two fingers on the mouse pad!)

Now to have full use of this Chromebook you DO need to have a Google account. You can either create one upon starting up the Chromebook or log into an existing account. There is not much to the start up paper, but it easy to figure things out just by playing around with the Chromebook!
I think I covered about all I can think of!

As of right now, I absolutely love this Chromebook and I do not regret ordering it! I’ve been able to surf the web, watch Youtube, play games (on websites Like facebook and gaiaonline), work on point to cash sites, and start up google documents without any problems! (all with good speeds too!) I’ve even messed around with the camera a bit!

If anyone is looking for a case/pouch to go with your 11.6in chromebook, I bought one that suits my needs (and I can fit the charger in the other zipper too!) :

Lenovo Chromebook Flex 3 11″ Laptop, 11.6-Inch HD IPS Display

Lenovo Chromebook Flex 3 11"

First off, the touchscreen works fine. I’m on version 100.0.4896.133 and had absolutely no issues. So whatever plagued this model previously has been resolved. Now then, lets focus on the laptop.

The first thing I noticed was the screen. In an age of almost no bezels…. Holy bezel Batman! Is this a bad thing? Eh, maybe to some. For me I’m OK with it. Realize the laptop itself is about the size of a 13.3″ laptop. I haven’t looked into it but I suspect there’s a laptop in this chassis with a 12″ or 13″ screen. But in day-to-day use, it’s fine for me. The smaller screen gives a good pixel density and colors look fine. Very good viewing angles too. So all in all, I like it. Touchscreen seems very responsive as well. No issues at all there. Oh, and in the bezel there’s a webcam. 720p, does OK in low light, no physical shutter so get your stickers ready 😛

Going down the laptop we have the hinge. While I’m not a fan of tablet modes that leave the keyboard exposed, it does what it sets out to do just fine. The pivoting action feels very smooth with a fair bit of resistance. Folding over into tablet mode, everything works as expected with good orientation control. So while something I won’t use much, it’s a nice feature.

Down further, we get to the keyboard. Keys have a nice feel to them though travel is a bit short. Not Lenovo’s best but certain better than other keyboard I’ve used. I’m a little disappointed it doesn’t include the usual “F” keys given I use Linux on here but so far it’s not caused any issues…

Finally we come to the touchpad. I must be honest, I despise most any touchpad without physical buttons. However, I must confess this one is actually very good. It’s proven to be very responsive with almost no hiccups. At times I will have a small lag if I try and use two fingers (resting one finger on the “button” and moving with the other) but it handles this better than other cheap machines I’ve dealt with. The physical action is rather mushy but taps work just as well.

Finally, we come to the speakers. This is probably the weakest part of the whole machine. I find underside speakers become obstructed way too often. Of course this depends on how it’s used, but I’d much prefer top-mounted speakers. But judging what we have, they actually works pretty well. If you’re on a hard surface, they have decent sound. Nothing phenomenal, but about what you’d expect from a machine at this price point. And then if they are covered, you can still get OK sound from them.

I guess the last point will be I/O. Charging is via USB-C, and yes, this port can be used for other USB devices too. You also have full-sized HDMI, a USB 3.0 and full-sized SD card slot. SD cards aren’t flush when inserted so that’s a bit disappointing, but I’m glad Lenovo at least opted for full sized ports and such. Now on the adjacent side we have power, volume and a headphone jack…not much to say there.

Finally the guts of the beast. At the heart of this machine is an ARM based processor. I was very curious how performance would be using ChromeOS and more importantly the Linux dev environment. Results have been mixed but generally very good. As a Chromebook for surfing the web and watching videos, it works fine. Pages load quickly, videos play without issue, etc. The only hiccup I’ve found is playing a video in the background. The video remains frozen for a bit when returning to it, but this is only a minor quibble. I’ve not had many issues with Android apps either. My library is really only productivity software, but it’s all worked as expected. Over on the Linux side, the processor is a bit labored. Chromium under Linux is obviously slower than the baked in Chrome, but I’m sure Linux running as a VM doesn’t help.

Lets end on usage, or more specifically heat and battery life. I’ve not done any specific testing, but I’d say 10 hours out of this machine wouldn’t be difficult at all. And then even while under a load and charging, there’s almost no noticeable heat generated by this laptop.

If you’re looking for a good all around Chromebook and can overlook the oddly sized screen, I highly recomend this machine!

This Chromebook is a really good laptop. The price point was excellent, and it is a lightweight, solidly built Chromebook that sips on the battery instead of drinking or gulping it. An individual can expect to get a full day’s use on a single battery charge.

I love the touch screen, 2-in-1 feature (tablet/tent or laptop, the sound is adequate, the keyboard size is good, and the weight is great particularly for adding minimal weight in a backpack. There is a mechanical slide built in to physically block the camera, which is a particularly nice feature. It uses a USB-C adapter, which is helpful for possibly being able to carry/manage multiple cords. It is compact enough to be carried in nearly any size backpack, messenger bag, or medium to large handbag.

On the right side of the computer, there is a power button, rocker volume button, and Kensington lock input. On the left side, there is a micro-SD slot, a 3.5 mm headphone/microphone input, a USB-A input, and a USB-C power input. I wish there were either one more USB-C input or a second USB-A input; however, a USB-C mini hub (probably one with a power pass through) will provide additional inputs for any USB accessories needed. This is a minor complaint, but not enough to deduct a star.

I did, however, deduct one star because I specifically wanted AND ordered a laptop in white. That is not what I received. (I received one that is dark navy.) I didn’t return it because I didn’t want to pay a restocking fee, and ultimately it meets every other expectation I had for a new Chromebook.

If you don’t mind the random act of receiving a Chromebook in a different color than what was expected, this Chromebook is a good, solid item with a beast of a battery in a compact, lightweight footprint. it will provide hours and hours of surfing and streaming. It will be good for using the Google suite of items. It is a great laptop for a student, and it is a great laptop for a work if one’s work is largely web-based.

This is what this computer is not: it is not a Windows PC system; it is a Chromebook. It is not a large computer. If you want a screen larger than 11.6 inches, this laptop is not for you. I am not a gamer, so I can’t speak to its ability to run games.

The positives:
-I love the size & color
-It’s lightweight
-The keyboard is comfortable to type with
-The battery life is outstanding.
-The 2 in 1 feature is very neat.
-Ability to personalize some of the settings similar to a Mac
-It starts right up
-The OS speed is fast
-Google Play works just fine
-It’s a great overall Chromebook if you are looking for an affordable option!

The downsides:
-To me are the display screen is small for the size of the screen. Lenovo could have made the display screen at least an inch wider and an inch higher without making the dimensions of the laptop larger and that would have helped the overall display significantly. It will probably be an improvement on a future model.
-I didn’t do a video call, only took a picture and the camera quality doesn’t seem to be the best, so if you are relying on this for lots of work zoom calls, you may want to find something with a clearer camera, though it will certainly work.
-The speakers are very low quality. It’s not horrible, but compared to most technology right now it’s on the lower end, for sure. If you mostly use a bluetooth speaker or earbuds to listen to music or watch movies this is no problem.
-The mouse pad feels a little cheap to me. This is a $250 laptop, so it’s expected to feel cheap somewhere, but just something to note.
-If you prefer to use Brave as your browser for privacy & security like I do, it is glitchy. This could perhaps be fixed with an update to that app.

ASUS – ROG Zephyrus G14 14″ Gaming Laptop

ASUS - ROG Zephyrus G14 14"

Well, the laptop overall is awesome!! For more details just go to the Asus page or Youtube.
Now, for the hard part. I am currently living in Mexico and this model won’t be available here and that is why I decided to get this laptop from a third party seller (more $) trough Amazon (+ import fees $ + shipping cost $). I know there are probably cheaper ways to get this but I decided to go with Amazon convinced they will handle all the paperwork and the import process.
Unfortunately I was wrong. For my particular case, Mexican government has a set of rules called NOMs (Mexican Official Norms), and those apply for any foreign product with a cost higher than &1,000.00 USD. There are several NOMs a product has to comply with and getting the certificates is a rather long process that involves sending the product to a specialized lab for testing and a really long time waiting on the federal agencies for any response. The NOMs are in place to ensure a foreign product can be used with out harm within Mexican territory.
While I was researching all these “fun” rules and their applications, I got to realize that they are aimed to the big importing companies. The ones that get a foreign product to be sold in Mexico, and in my case I am just a final customer looking to buy an awesome laptop.
In my opinion, getting this certificates is the job of the ones like Amazon or the third party seller I got the laptop from: Michael Electronics; since they are selling and importing this product to a foreign country.
I went trough a rather worrisome process where my laptop got hold on customs office for over 10 days. During this time I was in constant communication with Amazon and Michael Electronics and although they were super polite, they were NOT helpful.
In order to get my laptop released I had to obtain an especial letter from Mexican government to exempt 2 (of many) NOMs. Surprisingly, Mexican federal agencies where extremely helpful and they got me the letter in 5 business days. I then submitted the letter to the customs officials and finally got my laptop.
In summary:
I don’t believe this laptop should be sold by Amazon without the required documentation, the risk of the product getting stalled in customs offices is very high and there is no warranty that Amazon will issue a full refund (according to the representatives I spoke with). I could complain about the NOMs but foreign country laws are way out of our control and then again this is WHY we use big selling companies like Amazon. I believe Michael Electronics shares responsibility too but I also believe this is WHY they choose to sell their products trough Amazon. According to Mexican government agencies Amazon has A LOT of issues related to Mexican NOMs so to them: PLEASE, it is not a new topic and I am NOT the only one.
For everyone looking to import this awesome laptop from America beware of what happened to me.

You get a ryzen 9, an rtx 2060 and a 1080p 120hz display, this is one of the combinations with the best performance per dollar. Out of the box, the PC worked perfectly for me without much tweaking, only problem I had was that it came with windows 10 home rather than pro, which for my case, needed an upgrade; hope it’s possible to ship pro versions in future. For the power it packs, this pc is thinner than most, definitely not MacBook pro thin but not much thicker than it, which is a definite plus; it’s also a lot lighter than my MacBook with markedly better performance – that ryzen chip trades punches with the i9 in the Mac and gpu performance isn’t even a question – for me
I also like the fact that the pc comes with minimum bloatware, I didnt have to Uninstall anything at the very beginning, it’s a clean, well designed and properly executed piece of hardware, gold stars to Asus

I love this PC but I objectively have two issues with it:
1. The success rate of the fingerprint scanning-caching function is abominable – 6/10 times I genuinely have to enter my pin and 9/10 times I have to rescan my finger, usually a different finger to get through windows hello. I really hope that Asus has a fix coming in soon, if it’s a software related issue
2. The backlight for the keyboard is uneven and if you’re in a well lit room, then it’s easier to see the keys with the backlight off. In my case, I use it late at night when I really need the backlight but otherwise by default it’s off

For price to performance, it’s a buy, right now prices are going down due to the upcoming 5000 series cpu and 30 series gpu models, if you’d want to wait for those, absolutely – from the looks of it, Asus has made a great pc even better in 2021, but nothing would beat the price for last year’s model.

Excellent laptop, great cpu / gpu, storage, build quality. I cannot comment too much on the out of box experience, as I installed Windows 10 Pro instead of home and wiped the drive.

1. Build quality. Excellent magnesium alloy shell. Well put together.
2, CPU. The Ryazan 9 4900HS is a great performer, runs my main programs (AutoCAD, Dialux) well.
3. GPU. The novicia RTX2060 performs very well. The integrated AMD graphics also work very well for programs that do not benefit from a discrete GPU.
4. Battery life. My other laptop is a 5 year old Asus Zenbook, which is nice, but this runs rings around it in all ways, the great battery life being one of them.

1. Package weight. Although the laptop is 3.5 pounds, the package was 10 pounds. I am living in S. America doing volunteer work, so shipping this to me was expensive.
2. The two GPUs are an education process in terms of controlling which programs are using which. Both the nVidia Control Panel and Windows seem to have provisions to do this, but I am still learning how to do this.
3. CPU clock rate. AutoCAD is not a very good multithreaded app, so high clock rate translates to better performance. So, strictly for AutoCAD, an Intel 11th gen Core i7 or i9 might have been a better choice.

ASUS VivoBook S14 S433 Thin and Light Laptop, 14” FHD Display

ASUS VivoBook S14 S433 Thin and Light Laptop

Very fast
No need for any installation.
I mainly use it in a docking station so the screen a d the weight are not very relevant.
However when I take it out it is just the right size and weight for me.
A couple of points that I would change for the next one I buy:
I’d prefer to have an Ethernet connection. Now I need to use an adapter (physical connection is still better than WiFi).
I’d rather buy a blank PC without windows and install it myself. This way I can avoid all the preinstalled apps and trials

I upgraded my 5 years old laptop to this ASUS and before doing that I did quite a lot of online research. And I can not be happier. This device is fast, like really fast! I like the screen which produces very low levels of reflection, the (illuminated) keyboard has a satisfying “click” and travel, I love the metallic finish of the device and it’s very light to travel with. Overall completely happy. Only downside (being really picky) is that trackpad feels somehow “cheap” when clicking it… I mean, the device looks and feels so premium but the track pad feels like from another device… anyhow it works beautifully. Not a reason to complain. I absolutely recommend this lovely machine.

I miss not having a touchscreen or a 10-key number pad, but I knew I was making those sacrifices, when I bought this laptop. The only real “negatives” are when you bring it back from standby/sleep mode, it’s quite slow to reconnect to applications that were in use, and certain basic functions, like screen brightness, will suddenly fail to work, until updates are downloaded. I really love the look and portability, and the screen quality is great. I’m mainly using it for basic internet browsing and streaming, so it’s perfect for that.

If you’re looking for a sleek, modern laptop, this isn’t for you. There is no touch screen, and the screen it does have looks a bit… dated, to me at least. There’s a neon border around the enter key, which is fine but unnecessary. The keyboard does lean on the small side, so if that’s a big deal for you I’d suggest looking elsewhere. However, the functionality and value of this laptop is great. Who cares if it looks a little 3 years ago? It’s fast with good graphics. It doesn’t overheat and randomly shut down, like my previous one, and the fan noise is unnoticeable. I’ve had a couple issues, but I think that’s Windows for you (speaking of which, I did have to download Windows 11 myself, which was a battle and a half). The battery life is excellent, along with the sound quality. I’m happy with this laptop, particularly because of its low price, and will likely have it for a minimum of three more years.

HP Chromebook 14-inch HD Laptop

HP Chromebook 14-inch HD Laptop

Buy these for kids because, These are awesome for our elementary and middle school kids. If you also travel a lot. For the car, this is perfect and they can watch movies once they are downloaded. The battery lasted our last 5 hour trip.
This is not a good device for college aged kids. It can only do ‘google’ things and once in college, you need many more options (I am a college professor, so just a recommendation).
The picture is clear, the touch screen works great and battery life is amazing. Its on the lighter side too which is nice.

I have had this Chromebook for about 2 years now, some things worth noting:

good quality for the price (no chipping, higher quality material, aesthetically pleasing)
does not overheat or have a distracting fan noise
i have had no problems with this computer for the 2 years I’ve had it
if you need it just to browse the web and do your taxes this is the perfect white laptop for you!

it’s a Chromebook, i highly suggest you do your research and know what you are getting into; if you are a student who needs Microsoft word and excel, chrome books may not be the best option for you. Chromebooks are like phones, they have apps and although you can download Microsoft word it does not come with all of the regular features.
it can sometimes run a bit slow, but nothing crazy.
you cant download any games like blizzard or league of legends on it. (this may be obvious but worth noting regardless.)

Overall ,good quality for the price.

At just under $300 with tax, this still seems like a great deal. The screen is awesome: 14.0-inch diagonally, with full high definition (1920 x 1080). It uses IPS BrightView micro-edge WLED-backlit technology. The IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology is used in many smartphones. IPS is typically more expensive, but produces a much higher display quality, with better colors and a much wider viewing angle. This IPS display looks great. It is so so so much better than the older Chromebook it replaces. Battery and speed are good, and the time until Google stops supporting the software is June of 2026, which is great. Google “chromebook support life” if you didn’t know that Chromebooks aren’t supported forever. The speakers point upward, and are noticeably better than I’m used to. Everyone has a different budget and objectives, but found what I wanted: awesome picture; loud and very good sound quality; good battery and processor speed. I was not disappointed.