The 18 Best Wide Legged Jeans 2023

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Best Wide Legged Jeans

If you are SO tired of skin tight jeans. These are a refreshing change. If short waisted so they do not sit well at the waist. But for the most part these are comfortable and a nice change.

I knew I wasn’t after the super baggy look on the model. High waisted pants are horrible on your 5’2″ frame with a 42D chest, they get lost in the weeds. Low crotch?

But I’ve had loose skin removed around my waist and ribcage, my arms too, so I’m a weird fit until I get to goal weight and a plastic surgeon removes the rest of the loose skin.



These are made of very lightweight denim, which makes them cool and comfortable.

They look like normal tapered jeans, not baggy. If you are a size 12, 190 pounds. The denim fading and the seams are cool, no mom jeans here. chubby knees, front and back are discreetly hidden in the weight of this dark denim and the double seaming adds structure to the loose knee area of these jeans, that’s what you may need in jeans.

The waistband is high on ribcage but comfy, I can fold it down, still comfy. I’ll wait on the eventual stretch and bagging since these jeans are 100% cotton to see if I want a seamstress to just lower the entire waistband. Or I’ll go low crotch and roll up the hem. Right now the length is perfect, low ankle.

leaving all of the pockets stitched shut for now, a smoother look.


I liked the material and was pleasantly surprised by the cut. I expected the front to be bunchy and worried that it wouldn’t be flattering, but I was happily wrong.


If you are 5’8″ 130 pounds, athletic with a pearish figure. The small was a tad big on my waist but fit my larger thighs perfectly. HOWEVER, the pants only came down to my ankles — about 2-3 inches too short. If you have relatively short legs for your height (long torso) so I’m not sure these would work for most women.


ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE! They fit just right and aren’t too long or too short!


They fit true to size at first but after wearing a little bit, they do stretch out. you may try one size smaller as a result you will get a lot of compliments on them.

These jeans are amazing, they stay the same size all day and don’t get stretched out. They wash well and don’t loose color or length. Definitely worth the price…

They are so flattering and make your butt look fantastic! The 26 fit better on my waist, they look fine with a belt.

They are more expensive than what I usually spend on riding jeans, but I think they’re totally worth it. Hopefully they last longer than my Wranglers!



After several wash and dry cycles they’ve held up nicely.

Very light and comfy. Hangs well and flatters your body. Order up a size waist runs small.

These jeans were exactly as advertised! I love them. They just barely touch the ground (when wearing sneakers or flats).
The best fit and material and color for jeans that are worn in.


I like the high waist and wide leg. Very flattering and look great with a pair of boots and sweater.


As others mentioned if you are average height or petite this is not a cropped jean at all . on 5’6 and it hits my ankles . The model must be quite tall. That said it is true to size and high rise to the belly button. Color is lovely and it’s a good fit.


Besides the fact that these jeans are just too long, these are not designed for curvy girls. If you are a pear/hourglass shape: hip = 45inches where my waist is 31/2.


The jean material is soft, it is real jean so it’s not stretchy. you may think of buying the xl and cutting for a frayed hem.


I love these jeans so much. They fit great around the waist, while also giving that baggy, relaxed look. They are super comfy and are so adorable. They go with everything, while also being surprisingly durable. Definitely a must-buy.


It fit my waits and hips perfectly ! However it is for taller people, I wore my platforms and folded the pants due to their length.


Don’t get me wrong, these are really good quality, good material. They’ve got some solid stretch and forgiveness in the waistline. But they’re NOT “mid rise” as described. These come all the way to my belly button. That might not bother you, for me it’s intolerable and I’ll have to send them back. Too bad because they’re otherwise pretty great.


If you are 5’5″ and 145, order a small (the non-distressed black ones with the front pockets, and as others have mentioned you do need to pay attention to which style you’re ordering).

I normally order medium, but something about how they looked in the video of the model made me decide to get a small, and I’m glad. They fit perfect, not baggy, not painted on. Color is perfect, and the flared bottoms are great. If you are 5’5″ and they are long, but not too long.

Very skimming. Not super thick material, but probably not the best for snow days, or if you are the type to be cold very easily, but like to stay super warm and comfortable.


If you are somewhere between pear and hourglass and these were very flattering in the waist and tush but too wide legged for me. So cute!

These jeans are very comfortable! The style is very flattering and easy make a cute outfit with. The length is good.


If you are 5’6 and they are a little on the long side in the leg if If you are bare foot but if I’m wearing shoes or heels its just right. I love the fact that there sizes are in between sizes. I got a size 9 and currently 8s are too tight and 10s are too loose so the 9 was the perfect size for me.


If you hate jeans because they are very stiff and itchy, I was looking for some classic comfy jeans and found the perfect ones. They are stretchy and they are very flattering, I have receive.

These are pretty darn cute! The fabric is super stretchy, 71% Cotton/3% Viscosa/2% Spandex/24% Poly, and feels like the kind of material you would expect to find in an uber comfortable pair of skinny jeans. Since these aren’t skinny, I feel like I could do gymnastics in them. (If I could do gymnastic.) These are very comfortable and not at all restrictive.


Size wise, they feel pretty true. They are long. If you are 5’8″ with long legs and only order these because they promised a 32-inch inseam. They delivered. If you are much shorter than I am you may need to have them hemmed. Check the measurements for your size. I ordered a 38/5. I would say these feel more like women’s than juniors’ size. Plenty of room in the hips.

The rise is high and hits me about an inch below my belly button.

These fit nicely at the waist and have an attractive but roomy fit at the hip before widening for the legs.


The quality is surprisingly nice! Not too heavy not too thin either. But on first impressions these jeans are super cute and I would recommend them!

If you are 5’7”, 145lbs and I got size large. They’re as pictured, however mine came with a defect. The hole where the button buttons is sewed shut so I can’t button them. It’s an easy fix, I’ll just have to cut it open.


They fit true to size, maybe a tiny bit more snug than I’d like but it’s not a big deal. I don’t necessarily like how they look on me, maybe with the right top and cute shoes I could pull them off. I have a bit of a booty as well but you’d never know in these jeans lol. I’m sure on the right person they’d be super cute.

I love the fit! Very comfortable. They were exactly as pictured and arrived promptly. I would definitely recommend this vendor.
The only bad part about the jeans was the coloring. The jeans on the picture were way lighter than the ones I got.

Which I do actually like and I’m not mad about the coloring but they shouldn’t advertise it like that. If someone else ordered these and didn’t want them dark then they probably would be upset but I was personally fine with them.

Very happy with these jeans. Soft, excellent fit according to their size chart measurements.


I bought these because an influencer I follow looked really cute in them. Turns out that if you’re 5’4 it doesn’t look the same. I almost thought I could raw hem crop them, but it wasn’t going to look right. They were baggy all over even though the waist fit me perfect.


This is definitely not a cute look, unless you want to look sloppy. So unless you are 5’7 or taller, these will look terrible.

They are a great fit! I will say though that these go all the way up to my bottom two ribs and sometimes I can tell it’s a little too tight
These pants fit better than expected, and are VERY high waisted, perfect for cropped tops. Very baggy, fit my look.


They are a high rise (almost too high for me) with a loose fit thru the legs. The flare is gradual and flattering, and they hit right at the top of my foot (almost too short with shoes). They don’t do anything for my fluffy middle section, but I usually wear a longer top to cover that.


It washes well – I did not dry it but the tag says dry on low. I got the taupe and cameo colors, and they are both nice. They are a comfortable addition to my athleisure wardrobe which seems to be growing lately!

Love the material and flare leg. However If you are only 5’2” I had to hem them which is not a problem and often expected but one thing for ‘shorter’ people to be aware of they are High waisted. I don’t know how to adjust that or do the work it would take!

They are almost a little too wide for me – I’d love a straight leg version. I’m 5’6” and they are maybe a smidge long for me but not significantly. Probably will buy another pair!
Great for Dress pants!


The 1990s have returned “fashion wise.” Monica Gellar would look great in these jeans, and I honestly, can’t wait to wear them myself. I suppose these would be called “mom jeans,” but mom jeans are in. They fit closely at the hip and slightly above the waist.


The pants legs are long, straight and wide. Pair it with a white tank and a chunky boot and it will be like you’re in high school again.

These pants are loose, but comfortable. They are soft. They are thick enough for warmth on cooler days, yet thin enough to not be unbearable on hot days. Highly recommend. Wish they weren’t so expensive, but big woman clothes are always more expensive than they should be.


Though I liked the pants, they are too short. I’m 5’8 and I would say if you’re any taller than 5’6, these will be too short on you. The waist is high and is scrunched elastic in the back, not a flat denim look. I’d probably have kept them if they were 2in longer! For reference, my waist is 24 and hips are 36, 125lb, I got an extra small.


They were just bagging enough and tight enough in all the right places. I’ve legit been searching and finally found them. Highly recommend if you are more curvy, then not recommended.

These pants exceeded every expectation I had and fit GREAT!


The fit is perfect. The length is perfect . Not sheer at all. Easy to clean.

Short and Chunky lady. This fit perfect! It looks like a skirt but is actually pants. It’s great for hot weathers. A vacation must have if you want to be a bit modest. It’s not see through at all either.


The drawstrings makes it easy for me to adjust to my waist, These pants are just right. They are weighty enough for fall, but also cute in the summer with flats. I like the pinstripe design, the elastic/drawstring waist and cropped style.

With a cute t-shirt or blouse, these pants make a great outfit. They are a bit “scratchy” linen, but I just wash with fabric softener for help with scratchiness.


As a lady with large calves due to lipedema, these jeans are stretchy and have the wide legs that accommodate without highlighting my legs. Overall, they fit well and I will order additional pairs of jeans.


They fit well, and have a good amount of stretch. They are a bit long, but I’m pretty short. I wore them with chunky boots that are on trend right now and they were perfect!

They are a bit too long but look great with ankle boots


If you are 5’8 and normally 160 lbs (short torso, long legs with high hips and these fit great!) Currently pregnant and weight is around 180 lbs and these still fit great.


I prefer it with the hem rolled for a more casual look but will leave it unrolled in the colder months. The only con is that the rear is not that flattering when left completely exposed due to the elastic waist. It just looks better when the waistband is covered in the back. I’ll probably buy another color.

You can dress these up for a night out, or throw on a T-shirt and sandals for a casual look!