Best Electric Toothbrush With Waterpik

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Best electric toothbrush with waterpik

Great product that comes with lots of accessories! My gums and mouth have never felt healthier since I started using it.

• Water flow is consistent and has an adjustable pressure non
• Compact size for smaller sink spaces
• Comes with tons of accessories for various oral needs
• Great value for as much as you get
• Versatile so you can add fluoride to the reservoir if you wanted in the evenings or morning for a little extra freshness

• If you fail to connect the nozzle correctly it will leak. I knew it had to be a user error so I turned it off and unplugged it – took the nozzle off the pic and started over. Just like that the leaking stopped. There is a tiny button that allows you to unclasp the pic and I found that I didn’t fasten it in well the first time – hence the leaking.
• The chord is long but not SUPER long so you do need to keep it fairly close to the sink area so you avoid getting water all over the place
• Small water reservoir so you do need to refill it with each use.


The water pick at the lowest setting is what I normally use. The higher settings are really, really, strong. At the higher levels I went through the water pretty quickly and had to refill before I was done. Adding a little mouthwash to the water makes it foam up a lot and makes cleanup more time consuming so I normally use just water.

Waterpik Complete Care 5.0 Water Flosser + Sonic Electric Toothbrush, Black WP-862

The electric toothbrush’s motor is incredibly strong.


The water reservoir is plenty large to hold enough water to do a good cleaning even when using a couple of the tips,

  • It includes 5 tips and 1 brush. I still use my electric toothbrush so I don’t use the toothbrush that came with this set
  • All of the tips and the brush are stored in the cover for the water reservoir.
  • The water pressure can be adjusted before or after the unit is turned on. There is a separate “on” button on the hand tool to turn on the water jets. Turning it on and off while in your mouth is easy.
  • The hose to the tips coils and easily stores on the base unit.
Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser

The tips included with this flosser are:
1 – Orthodontic Tip for Braces and General use
2 – Pik Pocket Tip for Periodontal pockets/Furcation – If you have pockets behind your gums, as I do, this tip works well to clean out and reduce the size of the pockets
3 – Plaque Seeker Tip helps to reduce plaque on implants, crowns, bridged, retainers and for general use
4 – Toothbrush Tip is for general use – Since I have an electric toothbrush, I have not yet tried this tip.
5 – Classic Jet Tip is for general use – This is the tip I most often use
6 – Tongue Cleaner helps to freshen breath – I haven’t tried this tip yet, but, supposedly, cleaning your tongue helps to freshen your breath as it removes dead skin cells from your tongue.


The unit is not noisy — I think people who say so are just not used to water piks — It’s no louder than a blow dryer. The variation in water pressure is very useful for my healing gums. It’s simple to use, and the rotating top of the wand helps me get behind the temporary bridge without going through the contortions it took with the cordless unit. I’m very happy with the purchase and with the value of 2 great WaterPiks for the price of one.

Waterpik Waterflosser Ultra and Waterpik Traveler Flosser

The Waterpik has about twice as much power which is too much power. I only use it at half-power. Using it at less power causes no change in the sound. I’m guessing it opens a bypass valve as opposed to a restriction. This would be a better design for using it at lower power levels. The water flow comes out in pulses. The subgingival tip has a flexible rubber tip that will tear if the water pressure is too high. Running the reservoir dry doesn’t cause any inconvenience. It primes itself instantaneously the next time I use it.
The travel model is fine. It’s less power than the Ultra but it’s powerful enough. I would only consider it if you need the compact size.


It’s a great product and my teeth feel like I just came from a cleaning. My dentist is quite impressed with how clean my teeth are. However, it is not good to travel with it. Gotta love the airlines and how they toss your luggage around.

Waterpik Sonic-Fusion 2.0 Professional Flossing Toothbrush, Electric Toothbrush and Water Flosser Combo in One, Gray

I like the fact that it works very well for brushing on battery only, bear in mind that it will not floss without being connected to the water source. However it works very well when connected and you can certainly do both, this is also a great function of the timer.

I do two rounds of brushing and one of flossing as a rinse.


It takes a few uses to adapt to the new, smaller combined unit after the large double sized one I have been using faithfully for a few years till the rechargeable battery died. First of all the water chamber lid seemed like it was going to be problematic, but I got used to smaller size and its correct lid positioning.

Waterpik Sonic-Fusion Professional Flossing, Electric Toothbrush & Water Flosser Combo in One, SF-02, White

Then I figured out at the first try that you can’t brush and water floss from the start, it washes off the toothpaste so I did those two procedures separately. I have been using the unit for over two weeks now and have established a rhythm that makes my teeth feel cleaner both with the old brush flosser unit and this unit with two separated tasks.

The brushing has one speed, a faster one, I opted for the slower one on the old unit so that might be a difference. I discovered that it takes a bit of time for the flosser water to fully start while brushing so the organized brusher can use this to advantage before the toothpaste is all washed off.

I now can brush and floss in the same 2 minute period and my teeth feel cleaner that the double time of the old one. I see my dentist for deep pocket antibiotic treatment in another two weeks, I think my hygienist will be pleased with my progress.


The process of getting used to this toothbrush took a little bit of time. My gums continued to bleed off and on for the first week that I started flossing because my mouth was not used to water flossing at all.

The variable speed dial on the side and was able to increase the speed up to the highest setting over time.

Waterpik Sonic-Fusion Professional Flossing Electric Toothbrush, Black, (Pack of 1)

It has been a little over 2 years since I purchased this product and my teeth and gums are the healthiest that they have been. Because of this product, I was able to reduce my regular teeth cleaning back down to twice a year and no longer have any gum bleeding, pain, or issues.

My teeth are also whiter because this toothbrush gets them so much cleaner! My husband now wants one too!


This new iteration of the classic Waterpik has some thoughtful upgrades including an easy to use off/on switch for the water jet, a better sized water container, new brushing modes, and compact size. It also is much quieter than the old model I had been using.

Waterpik Complete Care 9.0 Sonic Electric Toothbrush with Water Flosser, CC-01 White, 11 Piece Set

The water floss always works awesome! However, the toothbrush is always a problem. Mine stopped within 2 months then I contacted the company and then Amazon / the company sent me a replacement. Then the same thing happened with the second set! The toothbrush couldn’t hold charge. I contacted the company.

They were really nice explaining how to best maintain it and sent me another replacement set. However, in a year, the toothbrush stopped again. It’s really frustrating! I really don’t want to contact their customer service again and again and change another set. To be honest, it’s really wasteful given the water flows works totally fine.