11 Coolest Go Dog Toys for dogs

My dogs love this toy. I have a big dog #100 and a small dog #23 and they both love it. The dogs have played with it for about 4 months now-squeaker still works and only one of the little legs have been chewed off-which I kind of expected. I usually cut off little legs/horns, etc before giving to pets. My dogs are not real big chewers. Would recommend.

goDog Dragons Squeaker Plush Dog Toy with Chew Guard Technology

goDog Dragons Squeaker Plush Dog Toy with Chew Guard Technology

I bought one of the regular durable bubble dragons a few weeks ago for my pittie mix who LOVES to chew a plushie until she gets the squeaker and stuffing out. To be honest, with most soft toys it only takes a few minutes of me not seeing it for it to develop a humongous crater. The original dragon is still mostly intact, minus a wing and a couple scales, which is miraculous.

This double tough dragon hasn’t even shown any signs of the cloth pulling or being punctured, despite her chewing on the tail while I was working.

I also grabbed one for my much larger GSD mix who isn’t as much of a destructo dog, and he loves it too! Would definitely recommend it, especially at a price of about $15/ea.

goDog Dragons Squeaker Plush Pet Toy for Dogs & Puppies

goDog Dragons Squeaker Plush Pet Toy for Dogs & Puppies

My Aussie, like other dogs, loves the challenge of destroying her squeaking toys. Getting the squeaker out is the goal and once achieved she’ll ignore the item. With the GoDog Dragon in green (she prefers it to the pink, possibly the color is more attractive with her limited canine color spectrum) it took her weeks to eventually remove the squeaker which,for her, is a long time. We’ve given her toys destroyed in minutes, a total waste of money. She may eventually tire of this toy but for now it’s her go to and if she’s happy so are her dog parents. The choices with this company are many but we’ve stayed with the same dragon in the same color she loves, always having at least one in reserve for the eventual squeaker removal. With this toy it is money well spent.

goDog Checkers Plush & PlayClean Squeaky Dog Toys for Dogs & Puppies

goDog Checkers Plush & PlayClean Squeaky Dog Toys for Dogs & Puppies

I do have some suggestions for the manufacturers though. There are just not enough strong toys available for small dogs. You really should make all of your goDogs toys available in the mini size and you should have more variety in your available in the goDogs Checkers mini. My dog has all of your mini goDogs Checkers toys and she is a toy fanatic, she loves toys and spends time picking just the right one to play with. We need more availability. If you had more mini size “goDogs Checkers” styles available, I would definitely buy them for my dog.

goDog Furballz Squeaky Plush Ball Dog Toy

goDog Furballz Squeaky Plush Ball Dog Toy

I didn’t have supper high expectations for this. Our 11-month-old puppy LOVES soft toys, but loves them to death almost immediately. We recently switched from regular toy subscription to the super tough toys, but he doesn’t love those, and is only interested in the heavy cheer toys if you can stuff them. I’ve been trying to find a soft toy that he wouldn’t decimate in a day.

Every so often, we come across a toy that he 1) actually wants to play with , 2) can live up to his “love” 😂. We may have found it. He was immediately interested and ran around with it for the rest of the night, the first day. He has played with it non stop. It’s only been two days, but we are pretty close to a record for length of time we have had a soft toy without total annihilation. He even fell asleep with it in his mouth tonight 💤 Even if we get a few weeks out of it, I would buy again

goDog Dinos Bruto Squeaky Plush Dog Toy, Chew Guard Technology – Purple, Large

goDog Dinos Bruto Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

I purchased 3 different Go Dog Squeaker Toys and so far have only tested this particular one. I have a 70 pound Rescue Dog, Golden/Lab Mix and he chews down an Antler Bone in about 3 weeks. He loves this squeak Toy and plays with it constantly. Rough play and constant chewing. He has bitten off a label and a tiny piece of fabric but it’s still usable and he loves it. I will soon replace it with another Toy from the same manufacturer only because it’s pretty dirty. now and I doubt it would hold up in the washing machine. You found the best soft squeaky toy on the market for rough chewers.

goDog Gators Just for Me Squeaker Plush Pet Toy for Dogs & Puppies

goDog Gators Just for Me Squeaker Plush Pet Toy for Dogs & Puppies

So anyone who thinks a fabric toy will be 100% destruction-proof should probably think for a moment about what they’re asking of… fabric. That’s just not a reasonable expectation.

However! This toy has stood up pretty well to two dogs that chew hard and play hard. In a month I’ve had to repair the toy twice with needle and thread, but the squeaker is still intact and 70% of the stuffing is in there, too.

My dogs LOVE soft plush toys but most are demolished on day one. This toy has absolutely endured their rough play more than most and I’m pleased. As with anything you give a pet, you’ll still want to keep an eye on this when your dog is chewing it as once a seam is opened, it’s anyone’s guess what they’ll chew and what they’ll eat and a belly full of stuffing could cost you a $$$ trip to the vet.

Overall I give this one a thumbs up, knowing that I need to take the toy away when we’re not home to supervise given it’s soft exterior.

GoDog Wildlife Chipmunk Small Toy with Chew Guard

GoDog Wildlife Chipmunk Small Toy with Chew Guard

My dog is a destroyer of all toys ever made. If she can’t destroy it, she won’t play with it. No toys ever lasts more than 10-30 minutes and the ones she still has are basically shredded fabric. This rabbit however, has stood the test and is still standing. She managed to rip the ears a little but everything else is still in tact after over a month. GoDog is the first line of toys that advertises “chew proof” and actually means it. Could not be more satisfied. I have since got her more from the GoDog line and they’re ALL still un-shredded and she plays with them every single day. This rabbit is her #1. Thank you GoDog for finally making a toy my brat of a dog can’t destroy!!!!!!!!!

goDog Crazy Tugs Octopus Squeaky Plush Tug Dog Toy, Chew Guard Technolog – Multi Color, Large

goDog Crazy Tugs Octopus Squeaky Plush Tug Dog Toy

I probably should give this four stars because full disclosure, they are not chew proof. Over time, my mini golden doodle chewed holes in the first one so I bought this as a replacement. To my surprise, he is not chewing it so a win! But they do need to be supervised. Left alone and with enough time, they can chew holes in it. My puppy loves this thing. He tosses it, uses it to hit his ball around and sometimes rests his head on it (sooo cute). It really looks just like the photo. I would recommend it as long as you keep an eye on your pup if they chew.

goDog Crazy Tugs Monkey Squeaky Plush Tug Dog Toy, Chew Guard Technology – Turquoise, Large

goDog Big Nose Bunny Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

I bought this toy for my choccy lab who seems to love soft toys, but then again, what puppy/dog doesn’t like soft toys. I went with this one based on the reviews already written by previous customers and because of the ideal that it was virtually indestructible. I have given 5 stars as I believe this is worth the money spent on this item and I do believe that maybe given to an older dog it would indeed be indestructible. However, as I have a 16 week old labrador, whose teeth are coming through, the poor monkey has not lived up to its claims, but I do firmly believe its not because of a product fault. My labrador has managed to chew the tail off (and subsequently regurtitated it) due to constant chewing in that area. Overall I am very happy with the soft toy and I would buy again, but once my puppy is, well, no longer a puppy.

goDog Big Nose Bunny Squeaky Plush Dog Toy, Chew Guard Technology – White, Large

goDog Big Nose Bunny Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

This is a fun toy for smaller dogs. Easy to through and the dogs love it. Been over a week and still not torn up. The price is right too.

**UPDATE: This bunny is still in perfect condition. I don’t know about everyone else, but I do not play tug-of-war with any of her toys. If you do, then it most certainly will rip apart. She loves squeaking it with her nose. We play fetch with it. She loved the bunny so much that I bought her the panda pup a month later and that one is also in perfect condition even after washing and drying in the dryer. I bought a large in both toys.

This is the first plush toy I bought for my 1.5 yr old Mini Aussie on Amazon. First of all it’s super cute and plush like a little kids toy. Very durable as she is an aggressive chewer. I’ve also washed and dried it 3x in the W/D as she gets it dirty. It comes out looking brand new with everything in tact, squeaker and all. I bought another toy from a pet store at Christmas that’s made with a tougher material that she’s chewed and swallowed some pieces of, in a week.

I’ve had this one for 3 weeks, which is a good sign for my dog. It’s her favorite toy. She takes it to bed with her at night. I’m planning on buying her another one from GoDog Plush- the panda toy. None of the other toys by GoDog look as cute and durable than this bunny. Great value for the price I paid. I am very pleased!

goDog Llamas Noodle Squeaky Plush Dog Toy, Chew Guard Technology – Pink, Small

goDog Llamas Noodle Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

If your dog usually pulls all the stuffing out of all of his toys to get the squeaker out. most of his toys are ripped apart in less than an hour but your dog will not even put a hole in this one. He/she will run back and forth in the apartment throwing the llama or etc, in the air then catching it I sometime get it from him and try to hide it then throw it lol. He has this on for over a month now …….you will be ordering more

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