11 coolest white underwear

white underwear

If you are looking for “Tighty Whities” these are very good. Pretty much exactly like what you probably grew up wearing. For the money they are hard to beat.

The price of boxers just keeps rising. I like these better than the more expensive Hanes and Fruit of the Loom varieties. The fabric feels more sturdy without being uncomfortable, the waist band is great and I can’t complain about the colors or patterns. I think they were a great purchase.

Fruit of the Loom Men’s Coolzone Boxer Briefs white underware

Fruit of the Loom Men's Coolzone Boxer Briefs white underware

I have worn Fruit of the Loom cotton briefs for many years. Gradually, I came to realize a persistent problem with lower-region discomfort was due to inadequate venting of skin-born moisture.
So I ordered a set of seven Coolzone Boxer Briefs.
And they have proven to be far better at venting moisture – and are more comfortable, seem to be warmer, a better fit – Considering the modest cost, the Boxer Briefs are a solid value I should have tried years ago. ~ Still solid after initial washing. The Duffian

they are comfy and the waistband doesn’t itch like some do.

After several washings, they are still fitting well, and there is no pilling occurring with the fabric. A great value for a great product.

 They seem fairly well made, although two pairs had small holes in the seem near the elastic. For the price, I can live with that. But they shrank quite a bit after the 3rd or 4th (cold water only) wash. Still wearable, but not as comfortable. Your mileage may vary.

My husband is 70 and he mentioned to me about replacing his “tighty whities” with boxers. I was thrilled because since I buy all of his stuff, I knew the “new” boxers of today were the cotton ones, not the old kind my Dad wore and my Mom ironed them. lol So I decided on these. They are true to size. He is a 3x and I bought the big men 3x in assorted blues. Great colors. Wash them first before wearing and the instructions inside say “don’t add fabric softener”, so I left it out. He’s been wearing them a couple of days now and told me how nice they are. They also don’t hug the “jewels” tightly like the old tighty whities! lol I’m so happy I bought these. Another great Amazon purchase. I think Jeff Bezos should start sending me Gift Cards for being such a loyal customer. : ) UPDATE: Purchased another package for my husband. I think 14 prs will be good for his drawer. He threw out all of the tighty whities!

Gildan Men’s Underwear Boxers, Multipack white underware

Gildan Men's Underwear Boxers, Multipack white underware

I didn’t expect too much, given how much less these cost than the leading big-name brands. But I like these better! The elastic band and the fabric are much higher quality. I recommend you try them!

There’s hardly a drawback, but I guess if I could change one thing, it would be the iron-on “tag” in the center rear below the elastic. It usually is not noticeable, but once in a while it may stick to you just a little bit because it is that plastic/rubber iron-on stuff. But I still give these 5 stars! These are now my only go-to underwear. Forget those way overpriced ones you more commonly see.

Hanes Men’s Tagless White Briefs with ComfortFlex Waistband white underware

Hanes Men's Tagless White Briefs with ComfortFlex Waistband white underware

I generally go between brief, hip briefs, which are more shorter and trunks. I always find myself going back to briefs. These are actually well-made, comfortable, stretchy and breathable. Sometimes it feels like you’re not wearing anything.

OK guys I’ll keep it simple, briefs have been stereotype as grandpa underwear, mostly because they look bigger when you’re looking at them from the front (unfolded) because they’re meant to hug the crotch, as well as your behind. They’ve also been stereotyped as being used by people with a Santa belly, so when you see them in movies, they look saggy. I always forget that once you put them on the mold to the body, and you can simply raise them a little bit higher from the side if they look a little longer. (They generally don’t need moving) They mold to the body and fit well. They also look great!

 They are extremely comfortable and durable. They have enough give to accommodate, but they keep their shape. I have bigger legs, and this underwear fits and feels terrific. I highly recommend these briefs.

Fruit of the Loom Men’s Tag-Free Cotton Briefs white underware

Fruit of the Loom Men's Tag-Free Cotton Briefs white underware

They are well-made with no flaws in the fabric or stitching. The garments have lateral symmetry—no distortions from one side to the other. The seams and leg openings are non-irritating and the waistband is comfortable and holds its elasticity through multiple washings. Washed in cold water and tumble dried on low, they come through laundering fine. In these multi-packs, they are a very good value.

15 pairs for the price of six is something you can’t beat They are still a great value even if you want to use them just one time for a pair. It’s still a great value I like them.. they are a bit longer than conventional underwear., but the size and fitment overall is perfect

Hanes Men’s 6-Pack FreshIQ Tagless Cotton Brief white underware

Hanes Men's 6-Pack FreshIQ Tagless Cotton Brief white underware

The description of this product said that it was a 6-pak. Imagine my surprise when they ended up being 8-paks! I had to chuckle that the box contained some of those air-paks. It’s underwear! No need to use air-paks, but maybe someone was simply following instructions. These are my go-to underwear. I especially like that there are no tags.

I like this product because it reminds me of my youth. My parents would take me into the Army-Navy store where we got all our underwear. Now they were “Fruit of the Loom” at the time. But Hanes are similar and easier to purchase. I think our grandfather owned the building, which is why we went there so much.

The waist band does not curl or bunch, the fit is snug yet not uncomfortable. Hanes also hold up extremely well with many washing. Every year my husband looks for these under the tree.

Very comfortable fit, prefer tag less feature and Hanes must inspect their product much better than Fruit of Loom brand. Would buy these again!

Fruit of the Loom Men’s No Ride Up Boxer Brief white underware

Fruit of the Loom Men's No Ride Up Boxer Brief white underware

I needed something to wear under my white Elvis jumpsuit that would give my boys a snug, safe home without shining through the material. Worked great. I could still swivel my hips just fine and didn’t have to worry about giving the ladies more of a thrill than intended! 😉

I got the cool zone fly black and grey medium. Photo shows a four pack but over a 6 months period I got 7 packs and they all 5 briefs in a pack—a nice bonus. I bought a lot because I liked them so much and I figured they might be discontinued. Little did I realize how slowly the would wear out. I may now have a lifetime supply. I bought my first 2 packs in May 2020 and even though I’ve washed them weekly I’m still wearing 8 of the 10 two years later. So they’ve been washed in hot water and thrown in the dryer 100 times and they are still great.

I tried many different brands and styles of boxer briefs before I hit on these. Many that I tried were much more expensive than these. I love how they fit and that it keeps my jewels contained and not hanging down my leg like most of the others. I also like their coolness although of course I still sweat in them but not as much as most of the other ones I’ve tried. For me, the fit, comfort, wearability and price is outstanding. I also like the plain styling and color without a large logo around the waistband. The main joy of these is they keep the jewel sack contained.

Amazon was the seller in all the ones I bought.

Calvin Klein Men’s Cotton Stretch 3-Pack Hip Brief white underware

Calvin Klein Men's Cotton Stretch 3-Pack Hip Brief white underware

They don’t run small or large. Order the size you normally wear. These have been my go to hip briefs for the past 15 years. No need to fix something that isn’t broken.

Been a lifetime wearer of boxer shorts, literally never wore briefs even as a little kid. Decided to try these on a whim. Wow.

Will be filling my closet with these, and have them serve as my day-to-day underwear!

I’m GenZ, so gym class locker room memories are still fresh. Can’t believe I used to laugh at my tighty whitie wearing classmates. Now I too wear tighty whities 🙂 😛

Hanes Men’s Ultimate Tagless Briefs with ComfortFlex Waistband white underware

Hanes Men's Ultimate Tagless Briefs with ComfortFlex Waistband white underware

Those of a certain age may remember the ‘Inspector 12’ commercials from the early 80s, featuring a grandmotherly inspector abusing the waistband for Hanes briefs. The camp men’s ads stood in stark contrast to the sophisticated, but now hopelessly sexist, ‘Gentlemen prefer Hanes’ women’s ads in the 70s and 80s for Hanes pantyhose. Both campaigns were incredibly successful and can be checked out on YouTube. Hanes has been around for over a hundred years, Fruit of the Loom a hundred and fifty. I always went with Hanes as they offered a higher end ‘Premium’ line. I noticed a couple years ago that Hanes Premium briefs and t-shirts were no longer available in white at Target. What they appear to have done is change the name just for the white color to ‘Ultimate’, and unfortunately this incarnation is harder to find. The upgrade has a sturdier, less tight waistband, and much softer cotton than the regular line. I hate elastic, but still like the light weight of briefs, so I order a couple sizes too large and cut a slit in the back of the waistband (personal preference). Getting sent a substitution reportedly can be an issue, so look for the solid white waistband and red lettering on the inside back, there is no ‘Ultimate’ written on the brief itself as the ‘Premium’ was when this was a part of that line. Also beware that Hanes ‘FreshIQ’ line is not actually 100% cotton according to what’s printed on the packaging that I’ve observed, despite saying this in that product’s online description.

This underwear fits me perfectly and is really well made. I’m going to continue to buy Hanes Men’s Ultimate Tagless Briefs forever. I really can’t emphasize how comfortable they are. I highly recommend these briefs and nobody is paying me to push them. Now I’m going to buy Hanes men’s v-neck undershirts.

Calvin Klein Men’s Cotton Classic Multipack Boxer Briefs white underware

Calvin Klein Men's Cotton Classic Multipack Boxer Briefs white underware

made the boxer briefs with button flys, but the downside to them was the buttons would occasionally break off, and then you end up poking out when you don’t want to. These are the classic front, where you have to snake your way out between two overlapping pieces of fabric. Truthfully, half the time i find it easier to just pull the waistband down than to find your way out through the “curtains”… but the fit of these is SOOO much better than regular boxers. The secret is that there is a third section of fabric sewed up in the crotch area. Normal boxers just have two pieces (a front sewed to a back), but these have a third section sewn up in the crotch that makes them fit and move a lot better. I prefer boxer briefs to boxers or briefs, so this is my favorite underwear, and pretty much all I wear. The ring spun cotton is comfortable, and breathes well, weather its for all-day-wear, business or exercise. I just miss the button-fly model that has been discontinued.

Amazon Essentials Women’s Cotton Bikini Brief Underwear white underware

Amazon Essentials Women's Cotton Bikini Brief Underwear white underware

I’ve had great success with Amazon Essentials clothing so I wanted to give these underwear a try & I’m so happy I did! I read a lot of mixed reviews, many stated how these fell apart by becoming unraveled & torn. I realized by reading the laundering instructions it may be the key to keeping these for the long haul. I fell in love with the first set of 6 so I purchased 2 more sets. The colors & designs are beautiful as you can see from my pictures. I ordered my first set in November & the other 2 sets in December. Not one pair has torn in anyway. These are 95% cotton, 5% elasthanne. There is some softness to them but not real soft. These are thin & I like them that way. These are barely noticeable in anything I wear including a pair of yoga pants. There is little stretch to them, mostly in the elastic seams, as 95% cotton doesn’t have much stretch to it. For me these are not tight. I’m 5’6” at 160lbs & large fit me perfectly. I’m totally comfortable wearing them. As far as laundering, as the instructions state: wash in warm water with like colors on the gentle cycle & lay flat to dry. I feel the reviews of ripping is due to the fact they’re not washed on the gentle cycle & the shrinkage exists due to putting them in the dryer. I have no clothes I wash in warm so I took a chance & washed them in cold water. No change occurred. The coloring was still vibrant & there was no shrinkage out of the washer. I do wash these on the gentle cycle as I do with the majority of my clothes. I do not put these in the dryer. I let them dry on my hanging rack. 18 pairs 4-5 months later & they are as if they are brand new with no wear or tear. These are my favorite underwear. I prefer them over higher priced underwear I have in my drawer. At $12.72 for 6 pairs that’s $2.12 a pair, an amazing price for quality underwear. By following the laundering instructions I’ve kept these in tip top shape. I suggest you give these a shot with a heads up on washing with no dry. From my personal experience I definitely recommend!

Hanes Women’s Brief Panties Pack, Moisture-Wicking Cotton Brief white underware 

Hanes Women's Brief Panties Pack, Moisture-Wicking Cotton Brief white underware 

I love cotton; it breathes
So I buy these swell cotton briefs
They’re easy to clean
The price isn’t obscene
And there’re lots of ‘em; THAT’S A RELIEF!!!!!

These panties are basic, which is what makes them so great. They’re not like granny panties. But they are comfortable. I bought them for someone who is 5’4″ and 175lbs. The XL size fit her great. I an going to buy some for myself now.

Great for bigger butt ladies with average waists! I struggle to find panties that don’t ride up because I have a wide bottom, but average waist. These are great!