Hair Luxious In Norway

Hair Luxious In Norway

Nutrafol Women’s Balance Hair Growth Supplement | Ages 45+ | Clinically Proven for Visibly Thicker Hair & Scalp Coverage | Dermatologist Recommended | 1 Bottle | 1 Month Supply

Hair Luxious In Norway

As someone in my 20’s about to graduate college to say I’m under stress is an understatement. After visiting 2 of my doctors including my derm I was suggested to use rogain or this. Although there’s a chance I’ve lost hair due to possible post covid effects as a professional stylist this was very scary for me. Yes the price is terrifying I completely agree which is why for me I ordered the 1mo supply and am about to order my refill. I have fine high density of hair and growing hair has never been a problem to say I’m blown away by how much better my hair looks I was noticing but of course it was nice to hear from others that they noticed a glow about me my hair looking fuller etc. While I can’t speak for all stressed out college students or post covid hair loss people, I suggest this for anyone in hopes of growing a fuller head of what your use to having back!

I don’t like that in EVERY SINGLE BOTTLE that I receive it I get 119 capsules instead of 120 capsules. For this reason, I couldn’t give it a full five stars. If I am paying for a product, I need the full product. I am using it to keep my hair healthy. Honestly I am not seeing any results yet and it’s been over a year. Buying this one product stops you from buying multiple products though.

About this item

  • NATURAL HAIR GROWTH: 4 capsules per day of this clinically effective hair supplement promotes visibly thicker hair growth and more scalp coverage with 23 natural ingredients. 100% drug-free.
  • SUPPORTS HORMONE HEALTH THROUGH MENOPAUSE: Physician-formulated to improve hair growth from within by targeting the 6 root causes of thinning hair in peri- and postmenopausal women—including hormone shifts and metabolism. With natural ingredients that also support better sleep, energy, mood, and healthy aging.
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN: 100% of women showed improved hair growth after 9 months, 93% saw less dryness and brittleness, and 93% felt their hair looked healthier after 6 months in a clinical study. Results may vary.
  • THE #1 DERMATOLOGIST-RECOMMENDED HAIR GROWTH SUPPLEMENT BRAND*: Grow with the brand trusted by leading dermatologists to improve hair growth naturally. Winner of Harper’s Bazaar’s Best Anti-Aging Hair Supplement of 2021 Award. *According to IQVIA ProVoice survey for 12 months ending March 31, 2022.

Plantur 39 Phyto Caffeine Women’s Scalp Tonic 6.76 Fl Oz, for Fine, Thinning Natural Hair Growth, Sulfate Free with Castor Oil, Niacin, Zinc

Hair Luxious In Norway

This product is excellent and delivers what it promises. I noticed a slight change in hair loss just after about 3 to 4 days and then a vast reduction in hair loss after seven days. I use it daily throughout my entire head and I am thrilled to see hardly any strands of hair in my comb other than what is normal which is nearly none. I love it and will continue to use it daily. One reviewer said they use it 3 times a week with no results, but the instructions say, “Use it daily.”

Nothing is guaranteed or will work with everyone because we’re all different with different genes and different reasons for hair loss, but the price is right, so what have you got to lose? I say try it, you may like it. I love it.

I bought this because I’m 43 and I noticed getting older. My hair did charge it’s really thick by nature, and grows really fast. But I noticed a texture change in some hairs. Plus I had weakness and breakage.

I didn’t his high hopes for this honestly but I can say after 3 months of consistent use my hair is so thick again. On top of that the texture is better. It’s smoother not as rough and longer. They key to this is consistency you have to use it. I use it 3x’s a week and that’s plenty.

It’s easy to apply and doesn’t mess with my color. My hair truly is better. So I will continue this and I got the one for growth. So I’ll see if I can incorporate the two.

About this item

  • NATURAL HAIR GROWTH: Used in addition to our Plantur 39 Shampoo, this tonic helps strengthen strands and refreshes the hair
  • HAIR OVER 40: Designed specifically for hair which may have become weakened from the effects of menopause, including fine, brittle hair and a more visible scalp
  • FOR COLORED HAIR: Perfect for days between shampooing, this scalp tonic provides daily nourishment of caffeine and castor oil for all hair types. Less shampooing means less stripping away of color
  • SIMPLE STYLING: Added volume and nourishment helps make hair easier to style for an effortless look and feel
  • EASY APPLICATION: The built-in dosage tip ensures that your hair is receiving the proper amount of phytonutrients to help nourish your thinning hair

Primal Harvest Hair Growth Vitamins, Hair Growth for Women & Men – 60 Hair Growth Pills, Natural Hair Thickening Products for Women & Men w/Biotin & Zinc – Hair Supplement, Regrowth Hair Vitamins

Hair Luxious In Norway

About this item

  • The ultimate hair loss treatments for women and men: Our expertly formulated blend includes keratin-boosting vitamin B6 and our 4000mcg Super Biotin formula to support hair volume, density, and follicle health. Keratin is the primary structural protein hair treatment, and it requires specific nutrients to grow. Therefore, this growth supplements is like a nourishing keratin hair treatment from within!
  • Premium scalp treatment and hair follicle nourishment: Great hair growth supplement from a nourished scalp. That’s why our premium hair regrowth treatment for women and men also has hair food ingredients such as vitamin C and zinc to support collagen production and help regulate oil production. All to create the perfect environment for solid hair grow.
  • Horsetail Extract for Hair Sheen and Texture: Hair Growth Complex has more than just hair vitamins for hair loss for women and men, it also has horsetail extract to add a natural shine! This ingredient is a natural source of silica, which can help reduce hair thinning by supporting the strength of your hair.
  • Hair care products for women & men: Take 2 easy-to-swallow hair pills per day. Take each dose with or without food at a time that is convenient for you, or as advised by your healthcare provider. Take each day consistently for best results. For the best results, use for at least 3 months to see significant hair growth for men and womens.
  • Money-back policy: We want you to be 100% satisfied with our hair regrowth for men and women. If you’re not entirely happy with your purchase, we will refund your money in full within 90 days, or exchange the hair products for women and men.

Being over 60 years old my hair had starting thinning. Noticeable scalp was appearing in places. I have been using this product for two months and have new hair growth in those
places were it was falling out. Now have this on a monthly subscription to keep my hair healthy and continuing to grow.

A change in my prescription medications seems to coincide with some of my hair loss and rather dull brittle hair. Since I have been taking 2 tablets a day of these hair growth supplements, my hair seems much healthier. I see very few strands of my hair in my hairbrush after brushing it.

This is my first review on amazon . I had unstoppable hair loss and i use minoxidil which also helps stop the hair loss . When i was only using minoxidil , i was still losing hair . And i just gave this a try too . And it worked so great on me . I can say my hair loss stopped and i can feel the new hair is growing . Even people around me recognized it . Thank you so much . This product is great . As i said before , this is my first review and if there was an option more than 5 stars , i would not even think about for second and do it . Strongly recommended .

Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements for Women to Grow Thicker, Fuller Hair, Clinically Proven with Proprietary Collagen Complex, 60 Count (Pack of 1), 1 Month Supply

Hair Luxious In Norway

About this item

  • One 60 ct box of Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements for Women
  • Suitable for all hair types, Viviscal Hair Growth Vitamin Supplements have been scientifically proven to nourish thinning hair and promote existing hair growth (2)
  • Backed by over 25 years of research and development with comparable formulas, millions of women around the world have discovered the power of Viviscal Hair Growth Pills for Women to promote thicker, fuller and healthier looking hair (4)
  • 100% drug free, this hair supplement is made with proprietary Aminomar Collagen Complex and other key ingredients to support healthy hair growth including Biotin, Zinc, Vitamin C, Iron, and Niacin.(1)

Two-three years ago my hair started falling out and I started to use the pills and serum. Three months later my hair grew back and stopped falling out. I was very happy. Very good product.
Two years later this happened again. I started with the same supplement and serum and results are very good. This time, the end of my third month, I have a problem with one of the ingredients-Iron 10mg. The Iron effect very bad on my digestive system – constipation.
Consult with a doctor!

I like that this product worked to start my hair growing again. I started losing my hair in summer 2022, it got worse and worse through the rest of the year, all due to a medicine that caused a few other serious side effects. I started taking it in early March by first only one pill a day to see if it agreed with me. I noticed new growth in early April. Other people noticed the new growth a few weeks later. I bought a second box just last week and hope it continues to work.

I’ve been experiencing severe hairfall and thinning hair due to PCOS and have tried so many different options, from those prescribed by doctors, to home remedies, and nothing worked. Within two weeks of taking this twice a day I’ve noticed the amount of hair falling when I brush or shampoo, or even just touch my hair, is much less. It’s too early to notice growth but I’m so happy to be losing less hair.

Nutrafol Women’s Hair Growth Supplement | Ages 18-44 | Clinically Proven for Visibly Thicker & Stronger Hair | Dermatologist Recommended | 1 Bottle | 1 Month Supply

Hair Luxious In Norway

About this item

  • NATURAL HAIR GROWTH: 4 capsules per day of this clinically effective hair supplement promotes visibly thicker, stronger hair growth and less shedding with 21 natural ingredients. 100% drug-free.
  • FOR WOMEN’S BIOLOGY: Physician-formulated to improve hair growth from within by targeting the 6 root causes of thinning hair in women–including stress, hormones, and aging. With natural ingredients that also support better sleep, energy, and skin health.
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN: 90% of women saw improved hair overall, 86% saw better hair growth, and 84% saw less shedding after 6 months in a clinical study. Results may vary.
  • THE #1 DERMATOLOGIST-RECOMMENDED HAIR GROWTH SUPPLEMENT BRAND*: Grow with the brand trusted by leading dermatologists to improve hair growth naturally. *According to IQVIA ProVoice survey for 12 months ending March 31, 2022.

I personally vouch for Nutrafol supplements — they boosted my hair growth post cancer radiation, doing away with all the bald spots in less than a year. Which is a miracle, since I didn’t have the best hair health to begin with, thanks to loads of blow drying and genetics.

The recommended daily dose is four capsules, which seemed a bit much at first, but I followed the directions and took them with a meal.

At first, it didn’t seem anything was happening but by the end of the second month, I started seeing a significant decrease in hair shedding. By the third month, my hair felt healthier, stronger, and had a noticeable shine. By the end of the fourth month, I could see new hair growth around my hairline and the radiation bald spots started going away. I am now on my eighth bottle and my hair looks thicker, healthier, and more vibrant than it has been in years.

Where Nutrafol scores above many other supplement brands is their patented Synergen Complex, which consists of bio-optimized ingredients that have been clinically shown to improve hair growth and quality. This complex enhances the bioavailability of the nutrients, ensuring maximum absorption and efficacy.

As for the other ingredients, there’s a unique blend of botanicals, vitamins, and minerals, which include biotin, marine collagen, saw palmetto, ashwagandha, and tocotrienol complex, among others.

This potent combination works to target hormonal imbalances, oxidative stress, inflammation, and nutritional deficiencies — all factors that contribute to hair loss and thinning.

And since the treatment can be expensive at $88 a bottle that lasts one month, I’ve now subscribed to their monthly plan, which has helped me save a bit on the cost.

I wholeheartedly recommend this product to anyone experiencing hair loss or thinning hair. Give it a try, and you won’t be disappointed!

SkinnyFit Super Youth Tropical Punch Multi-Collagen Peptides Plus Apple Cider Vinegar, Hyaluronic Acid, & Vitamin C, Hair, Skin, Nail & Joint Support, Immunity, Healthy Metabolism, 28 Servings

Hair Luxious In Norway

About this item

  • HEALTHY SKIN, HEALTHY WEIGHT. Collagen and hyaluronic acid has shown an increase in skin elasticity and hydration, and supports cell regeneration, which supports youthful-looking skin. Apple cider vinegar supports a healthy metabolism and can aid in fat burn to help promote a healthy weight.
  • HEALTHIER HAIR & NAILS. Collagen can help create stronger, healthier hair and nails, and can help improve the strength of our tendons, joints, and ligaments. Helping you look and feel more youthful!
  • SUPPORT GUT HEALTH & IMMUNITY. Super Youth contains collagen that helps support a healthy digestive system. It also helps promote a healthy weight, while Vitamin C supports a healthy immune system.
  • OUR PREMIUM COLLAGEN BLEND TASTES BETTER THAN EVER. Super Youth Tropical Punch contains 5 of the healthiest types of hydrolyzed collagen peptides plus apple cider vinegar, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C. It’s gluten-free, non-gmo, and has a refreshing fruity flavor you’ll love. Super Youth Tropical Punch is so delicious and dissolves so easily, it can be mixed with water alone!
  • OUR SKINNYFIT PROMISE. Order with confidence! If for any reason you don’t think SkinnyFit is for you, let us know and we will make it right for you!

I’ll be honest, I just got mine today and I’m sitting enjoying my first serving! I didn’t think about a shaker bottle but you really don’t need one, it dissolves quick and easy! On to more important things, it is as delicious as it is gorgeous in color! I’ll put it like this, you would never know how good this stuff is for you by the taste, it’s really refreshing and not overly sweet (I followed the recommended serving of 2 scoops with 16oz of water). I can’t say yet as to any benefits but I will definitely update in a couple weeks! I do have one minor complaint… I want to drink this stuff all day but obviously I can’t! Update coming soon!

I could not wait to open it and blend it with my water. It tastes great, blend very well, and I’ve noticed that it took no time to drink it all. I’ve been taking it for one week and I notice my energy level is up. I’m sleeping well at night and feeling great throughout my day. I will continent taking SkinnyFit. This is my morning go to drink. Oh yeah, I’ve noticed that my appetite is getting better. I do not crave junk food. I think I’m gong to try it at night. I’ll give update later.

Garden of Life Multivitamin for Women – mykind Organics Women’s Once Daily Multi – 60 Tablets, Whole Food Multi with Iron, Biotin, Vegan Organic Vitamin for Women’s Health, Energy Hair Skin and Nails

Hair Luxious In Norway

About this item

  • ONE DAILY MYKIND WOMEN’S VITAMINS: Specially formulated one a day womens multivitamin promotes energy, metabolism, blood and heart health plus radiant skin and nails, with nutrients from whole foods—over 30 organically farmed fruits, vegetables and herbs
  • WHOLE FOOD VITAMINS FOR WOMEN: Vegan women’s multi with 15 vitamins and minerals at 100% of the Daily Value (DV) or higher, including Folate, Biotin, Vitamins A, C, D3, K, B6 and B12 (Methylcobalamin) for energy and metabolism, with 2.5 mg of Iron
  • HEALTH, ENERGY & BEAUTY SUPPLEMENT: Highly bioavailable nutrients in one a day vitamins for women – B vitamins for energy, metabolism and heart health, vitamin C, Biotin and Folate (not folic acid) for beautiful skin and nails – are extracted using water
  • CONVENIENT ONE A DAY WOMENS MULTIVITAMINS: When it comes to multi vitamins supplements for women, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for convenience; get the best of both worlds with whole food nutrition delivered in one daily tablet
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC MULTIVITAMIN: mykind Organics vitamins and minerals are made from real foods—kindly harvested, gently extracted using water and proudly third-party tested and certified Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten Free & Vegan

Important information

Safety Information

This product contains 18.4mg of Whole Food Niacin per serving. Because the vitamins and minerals in this product are coming directly from organic food (fruits, vegetables and botanicals), the body may absorb them more readily than a standard supplement – thus causing the reaction known as niacin flush. Some people may be more sensitive to experiencing a flush, and a great way to test your sensitivity is to try taking one tablet daily with meals. This works great for most people and generally does not cause flushing. As with any dietary supplement, consult your healthcare practitioner before using this product, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, giving product to children, anticipate surgery, take medication on a regular basis or are otherwise under medical supervision. Warning: Accidental overdose of iron-containing products is a leading cause of fatal poisoning in children under 6. Keep out of reach of children. In case of accidental overdose, call a physician or poison control center immediately. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place. Do not use if safety seal is broken or missing. Package size is determined by labeling information, not the number of servings in this container. The serving size and contents are clearly marked.


Vitamin D (D3 from Lichen), Vitamin K (from Saccharomyces cerevisiae), Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalamin from Saccharomyces cerevisiae), Organic Food Blend: Organic Sesbania grandiflora (leaf), Organic Emblic (Amla, Phyllanthus emblica) (fruit) Extract, Organic Apple (fruit), Organic Murraya koenigii (Curry leaf), Organic Psidium guajava (Guava fruit & leaf), Organic Ocimum sanctum (Holy Basil leaf), Organic Annatto (fruit & seed), Organic Lemon (peel), Organic Moringa oleifera (Moringa leaf), Organic Mushroom (Agaricus bisporus), Organic Strawberry (fruit), Organic Cherry (fruit), Organic Blackberry (fruit), Organic Blueberry (fruit), Organic Raspberry (fruit), Organic Beet (root), Organic Broccoli (stalk & flower), Organic Carrot (root), Organic Spinach (leaf), Organic Tomato (fruit), Organic Green Bell Pepper (fruit), Organic Brussels Sprout (leaf), Organic Ginger (root), Organic Garlic (bulb), Organic Green Onion (bulb), Organic Parsley (leaf), Organic Cauliflower (flower & stem), Organic Red Cabbage (leaf), Organic Asparagus (flower & stem), Organic Celery (stalk), Organic Cucumber (gourd), Organic Kale (leaf). Other Ingredients: Clean Tablet TechnologyTM Blend (patent pending): Organic Gum Arabic, Organic Dextrose, Organic Coating (Organic Tapioca Maltodextrin, Organic Sunflower Lecithin, Organic Palm Oil, Organic Guar Gum), Organic Brown Rice, Organic Potato Starch. Made without dairy or soy ingredients, peanut, tree nuts or shellfish. Manufactured in a facility that also processes soy, dairy, peanut, tree nuts and shellfish. No artificial colors or preservatives.


Adults take 1 tablet daily with food. Not intended for children.

Legal Disclaimer

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

Once you get past the overwhelming smell and size of the pill, it’s an easy daily dose that appears to keep my body functioning at its peak. First change I noticed was more regular bowel movements, 2x per day at the same time every day. 2nd I noticed that the odors my body naturally produces were much stronger (not a bad thing, but worth mentioning). Last thing, and this may seem really minor, but I had an increase in “eye booger” production, I’m guessing due to all the extra nutrients my body was getting. Overall, great product and worth the price point! Would like to re-purchase but had a 10 day lag between my order placement and stated delivery day, where it shows the product has yet to ship out but still estimated for delivery in 8 hours. Cancelled and reordered to I could get the subscription discount from the same seller and the delivery estimation is 1 day – let’s hope.

If anything deters me from using these vitamins consistently, it’ll be because of unreasonable delivery delays that make consistent use difficult. Let’s hope they just overlooked my original order, forgetting to send it out, and the new one actually arrives soon!

Started taking these a couple months ago and have realized my hair and nails are growing really fast.. my hair has been slow at growing for the last few years like barely even an inch and I also had some hair loss.. but I’ve noticed a big difference in the last few months.. my hair is thick and healthy and I’m getting length now my hairstylist even asked what I’ve been using because she sees the changes as well.. my nails are growing out faster then usual and my energy levels are up majorly.. I wake up at 4am for work and these days I’m up before my alarm ..I’m 28 and never believed in vitamins but I’m very pleased with these and don’t miss a day, I will continue to use them because I’m loving the results!!

Hair Style For Ladies With Attachment 2022 in Nigeria

Are you looking for some creative new ways to style your hair? Are you a beginner and don’t know how to create a French Braid? Whether you are new to braiding or are just looking for some inspiration and ideas, this book is for you! You will learn how to create adorable hairdos that you will fall in love with. Here are a few of the styles you will learn: – Waterfall Twist – Topsy Tail Bun – Diagonal Dutch Braid – Fishtail Braid – Alternative Braid With simple instructions and over 100 colored pictures, this hairstyle handbook is what you have been waiting for! Enjoy wearing these styles everyday knowing that you look your very best!

Timeless: Recreate the Classic Makeup and Hairstyles from 100 Years of Beauty Hardcover

Timeless: Recreate the Classic Makeup and Hairstyles from 100 Years of Beauty Hardcover

This was very well written! It covers the technical details of hair and makeup for those who do those things. It more importantly highlights the subtle differences and evolutions of ‘the look’ of each era. Not just technically but also via sharing the history that shaped the looks of each era. Excellent formatting, photography, and readability. Solid five stars for anyone interested in the history, the looks, and/or the ‘how to’ of doing it.

Contains super useful info for recreating these looks such as the type of cosmetics used for each era of history, setting patterns for hair styles that are clearly illustrated, step by step instructions for achieving the looks, and cosmetic colors that were popular by era. There is a full chapter on just about every decade in the last (20th) century with at least 6-8 different looks in each chapter. Authentic representations, not modern interpretations. Tons of full color photography. This is the book I have been looking for. A much better tutorial that just about any other book out there. This is what I was hoping I was getting when I ordered Dita VonTeese’s book

A Girl’s Hairstyle Handbook of Everyday Hairdos Paperback

A Girl's Hairstyle Handbook of Everyday Hairdos Paperback

I bought this to give to my Daughter-in-law and Granddaughter. They both have long hair, my Daughter-in-law’s hair is almost to her knees. When I gave her this book she sat down with it right away and started thumbing through it. She was very happy with the instructions and photos. She said there were several examples of hairstyles she has wanted to try and the book explained them clearly. She was very happy!

What a beautiful and instructive book for girls in creating new, everyday stylish hairstyles. Many times a new hairstyle can look so difficult and complicated, a girl doesn’t even attempt to do it. This book is just what is needed to learn how it can be done, and offers many creative different hairstyles for each day. Really impressed with how well each step is described with a corresponding photograph.

everyday stylish hairstyles. Many times a new hairstyle can look so difficult and complicated, a girl doesn’t even attempt to do it. This book is just what is needed to learn how it can be done, and offers many creative different hairstyles for each day.

8 Packs Crochet Box Braids- Boho Box Braids Crochet Braids Hair Bohomian Box Braid Crochet Hair Synthetic Braiding Hair 14 Inch Goddess Box Braids Crochet Hair for black women (14(8Packs), 1B/30/27)

This hair is great. Out the package, there was no bad smell. So, i did not wash it prior to using and did not experience any itching. I’ve had this hair in for 6 weeks with no problems. Some of the crochet loosen up, but I just pulled it back tight, and the issue was fixed. There was also some minor tangling on a few strands of the loose hair. However, because there is so much, I simply cut off the knot, and no one was the wiser. I’m going to get my hair redone next week, but I’m not sure if I will be able to reuse this hair, so I already order a new pack. Wonderful product!

This hair is the best I have ever purchase. I have used this hair for about a year. I bought the 14 inches. The first time I used it, I realized 14′ was too long for me. I like it on the shorter side and as you wear it the curl relaxes, to mid back, but still remains a nice tight curl. (Expect an additional 2+ inches in length.) But… I could cut it and it doesn’t fray. The next time I had my stylist cut each pack in half. (Gotta admit…kinda scared me, but went with it.) IT WAS PERFECT FOR ME! Hits me shoulder length. Will relax past the shoulders but it looks amazing. I constantly get compliments. EZ CARE! You can wash it and it has not effect of quality or texture and it does not tangle. LOVE IT!!!

Crochet Hair Pre looped 10 Inch 8 Packs Pretwisted Passion Twist Crochet Hair YDDM Passion Twist Braids Crochet Short Passion Twist Hair Pretwisted Hair Extension (10 Inch, T1B/30#)

Click HERE! Because I got a new word for this hair. It is “NON-complain-able”, if you can make sense of it 🙂 Ok, I didn’t have any experience with crochet hair but, trust me, it’s not the same as the yarn art of crochet. With that said, it was so easy to slip the hair through the holes because the holes are well-defined and enlarged. The hair coils itself are beautiful and well-fused, therefore the hair does not untangle easily. I appreciated that. BUT YET, the coils are very SOFT and ELEGANT. See for yourself from my picture. I bought the 8-pack and I used 7 and half. I know somebody can get away with using only six packs! If so, then for the next redo, all you got to do is use the newest coils for the top/sides of your head and the used ones for the back of your head. Yes, this hair is washable and if you don’t put all this extra product on it (like mouse, gel, etc), it can be washed and reused. I kept it up for four weeks before I finally took it down. Y’all, that was pure laziness. BUT I gotta say the hair is STILL good-looking, so I’m gonna get to be cute all over again after I wash it!

NANNAN Invisible Wire Hair Extension with Transparent Wire Headband Adjustable Size 4 Secure Clips Long Wavy Synthetic Hairpiece for Women (20Inch,Medium Brown with Ash Blonde)

NANNAN Invisible Wire Hair Extension with Transparent Wire Headband Adjustable Size 4 Secure Clips Long Wavy Synthetic Hairpiece for Women

I ordered two color variations because I have dark brown hair with cap highlights at the crown of my head and face framing (to hide gray. I highlight it myself every 6 weeks). I ordered the brown with blonde highlights and the dark brown with I think it’s called golden or honey highlights. The dark brown was too dark for my bleached highlights to blend with, but when I wear it with a low ponytail it’s DOPE. It perfectly blends with my dark brown. Everything blends and moves and looks intentional. So I’m keeping that one for low ponytails. The brown with blonde highlights (lighter overall) blends perfectly with my hair to be able to wear it all down. You can’t tell one single bit. I can’t even believe the quality of this for the price. It’s insane. Just order every color that looks like it may match and then return the ones that don’t. What do you have to lose?!

I was skeptical first because I’ve been wearing reallly high quality clip ins that cost easily 300$ and are real human hair. And I bought this in a money crunch. It’s really nice quality for being so cheap and it comes pre waved so I don’t need to style it. Not sure how long it will last but it gives my hair the extra volume and length . It was definitely worth it. Would buy again in more colors too!

When I first opened it I was like there I no way it’s going to blend! It had highlights and low lights! But to my surprise when I brushed it out! It blended beyond perfect with my hair! Even my mom said it looked like my real hair! Super soft! Super easy to put in! 10/10!

About this item

  • 【Flexible & Adjustable】1. Comes with 4 built-in U clips that lock the extension onto your hair securely with no slipping. 2. Simply tighten or loose the wire through the adjustable ring to fit your head. Suitable to all head sizes. Also elastic and comfortable to wear without over tightening. 3. New S Hook will prevent the wire from falling off.
  • 【Easy to Apply】 No wig cap or band needed, this luxuriously long 20” extension will blend seamlessly to give you instant volume and thickness.1. Position the wire hair extensions over your head like a headband. 2. fix the 4 clips in your hair. 3. Use your own hair to hide the wire. Achieve fuller, longer hair with natural waves instantly!
  • 【Specification】 Each pack includes 1 piece of 4 clips in wefts; 2 wires in different length for replacement; adjustable hooks get the most suitable size. Upgraded wire is thicker and more elastic, not easy to break and not cause any pressure on the scalp.
  • 【3 Ways to Wear】 1. Position the wire hair extensions on your head like a headband, secure them with 4 bobby pins, and hide the wires with your own hair.2. Only use invisible wires, suitable for easy hair loss and sensitive to bobby pins customers. 3. Don’t use invisible wire, suitable for customers with soft and thin hair on the top of the head and customers who are not skilled in using invisible wire
  • 【Color Difference】All photos on the product page are taken by professional photography equipment, but due to unavoidable factors such as light, brightness, and monitor, the color of the hair extensions may be slightly different, and what you see may be too dark or too much Bright. We will do our best to restore the color of the product. If the actual product does not match your hair color, there is a certain color difference. We also provide return service.

20 Nicest Shoes for Women & Men

We may earn an affiliate commission through retail link, product listed on this website are independently selected by our editors.

Nicest Shoes for Women & Men

if you have tried several pairs of shoes and can only wear them for very short periods of time because they aggravate your foot? These shoes can tolerate wearing for a longer period of time


They are very comfortable and You will love the colors. You can wear them for power walks, gym, and even at home.

Cushioned Insole; Grippy Sole/traction, Terrific Colors, Good fit with speed lace.

L-RUN Athletic Hiking Water Shoes Mens Womens Barefoot Aqua Swim Walking Shoes


They have very good support, soles are light and airy but absorb shock well, the wide width and 1/2 up make it easy for me to wear these on my injured foot and actually walk in them with minimal pain!!!

ASICS Women's Gel-Contend 7 Running Shoe

If you havn’t purchased ASICS in many years but I will be a repeat buyer now! I bought the SHEET ROCK/PINK SALT color combo and they are cute! And what makes it even better is I got them at a true bargain price.

They are a little roomy but a 7.5 would’ve been too cramped. Good cushion and support.


Are you looking for something comfortable for your son or yourself and you to do daily walks in for Pokemon Go.

PUMA Men's Tazon 6 FM

The memory foam mentioned in the product description is way under rated. It really wonderful and absorbs so much impact compared to my last pair which were thick soled New Balance. I’m in the high 200s, so that’s significant when talked about cushioning the bottom of the foot.

Without kidding its like walking on two really soft pillows. They’re wonderful.


For the price point, you can’t beat the shoe. Very comfortable, flexible, plenty of support and compared to the price of some of the others. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy more pairs of these. Anyone who complains about the durability has to remember the cost.

PEAK High Top Mens Basketball Shoes Lou Williams Streetball Master Breathable Non Slip Outdoor Sneakers Cushioning Workout Shoes for Fitness
  • They feel great on the foot, they are supportive and confident inspiring.
  • They felt like they are aiding me when I jump and the landing was on the soft side (not too soft) and and isolating.
  • The finish if you look closely could give the price away but if you are looking at this price point I would say it is by far the better option. I have researched extensively myself.


They’re very stretchy and comfortable. While not very supportive for long hikes, the thick sole offers good protection and doesn’t slip.

Water Shoes for Womens Mens Barefoot Quick-Dry Aqua Socks for Beach Swim Surf Yoga Exercise New Translucent Color Soles

Much better for watersports/beach than thee Keen sandals I had been using — while they don’t offer as much support/protection, they keep the sand out, dry faster, and they’re much easier to pack.


So comfortable. The classic dad shoe. Perfect for my daily walks, and when I’m forced to go shopping with my girlfriend I put these bad boys on for the ultimate swag and comfort.

Nike Men's Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer

You don’t have to be over 40 to rock these. Don’t let the boomers tell you that these shoes are earned with age. They are just jealous you wear them in your 20’s and they had to suffer in their 20’s in their silly boots or whatever they had back in the dinosaur era.


They wash easily in Woolite. They are light, easy to put on, good for around the house and yard, and I do not like a support arch, so this flat shoe is perfect for me.

They are made out of a canvas fabric and have rubber sole. They slide on easily and comfortably because of the stretchy goring wedge at the top of the shoe.

Skechers Women's Bobs Plush-Peace & Love Ballet Flat

The footbed is made out of memory foam and they have a shock absorbing low profile midsole which is great for those who find themselves on their feet longer. In addition they have an “arch pillow” that provides exceptional support.

They also come in a beautiful assortment of colors, both vibrant, natural and pastel which I love! Even the interior of these shoes is adorable (for the comparison I opted for black which have the cutest black and grey cheetah pattern!).


This shoe looks great, fits comfortably and securely with surprisingly excellent stability provided by the spike-less sole. I walk the courses at Bethpage so after about ten rounds with these shoes.

adidas Men's Tech Response Golf Shoes

They are a very good value for the money. I see no reason to spend more than twice as much for a golf shoe.

The golf shoes are comfortable, seem to keep my feet dry in normal use (haven’t played in very wet conditions yet), and they provide a stable platform during my golf swing. The only thing I can comment on is how durable they are as I have only played three rounds in them so far.


These shoes are fabulous for commercial kitchen work. The footbed is memory foam, so soft & comfortable. They fit like a glove, and they are water & slip resistant.

It is very lightweight and it’s great if you are on your feet for an extended period of time. As for me personally, this shoe ran short and ran narrow.

Skechers Women's Ghenter Bronaugh Food Service Shoe

They are comfortable, form around your foot and last a long time. I found I don’t need water proof shoes because your feet will dry super quick with these. Sweaty feet were never a problem with these as well.

The non-slip works great! The only slippery moments were oil spills. Overall, they have been holding up really well. I’ve had these shoes for over a year and they have finally started to show signs of damage. The fabric is beginning to fray at the natural bends of my feet. The fabric is also slightly detaching from the toes of the sole.


They are extremely lightweight and comfortable and I love the unique look. If you are between sizes I would recommend going a half size down. I’m a true 8.5 but depending on the shoe I can fit into an 8 or a 9. I purchased an 8 and I’m so glad I did.

If I had gotten a 9 my feet would fall out as I’m walking. I put them on within minutes of them arriving, expecting them to maybe need to be stretched out but they didn’t need it.

Hey Dude Women's Wendy Lace-Up Loafers Comfortable & Lightweight Ladies Shoes Multiple Sizes & Colors

They are super comfortable from the very first wear and I can have them on all day without any issues. These pink ones are so cute and go great with my yoga pants and jeans.

I gush about my Hey Dudes so much that I have convinced a few of my friends to get them as well and they also love them.


While the sole is stiff it is still a little pliant that you do occasionally feel jagged/pointy rocks underfoot.The slightly pliant part however helps with the flex needed for running vs a pure hiking shoe.

The front is well protected with toe guards. I went with the non gore tex version this time as it didn’t seem to matter much with my previous goretex version as far as staying dry was concerned.

Salomon Men's Speedcross 5 Trail Running Shoes

These are low ankle shoes so if you splash in a puddle or run in the rain the goretex will not prevent water from seeping in anyway.

These seem to breathe slightly better vs the Gtx version. Fairly lightweight although there are lighter trail shoes out there. Heel toe drop is higher at 10 mm, works for me but may be an issue for some folks. Love the quick lace system that tucks into the pocket in the tongue of the shoe.


They are the most comfortable, warm, functional, and all around great quality house shoes I’ve ever owned. I have a disability that has made certain things like walking more difficult on occasion, these are the perfect shoes for my needs. Easy on and off while they grip so well I feel confident in my steps.

Crocs Unisex-Adult Men's and Women's Classic Lined Clog | Fuzzy Slippers

Everything I need for a reasonable price(more reasonable than Adidas). I plan to buy one or two more pair for a back up and one for wearing out of the house if I find one that I would wear out. I am a denier no more, these are great.


He said they are very comfortable with memory foam padding on the inside. They look like dress sneakers, very sharp and easy to dress up.
These can tolerate wearing for a longer period of time.

PUMA Men's Tazon 6 FM

comfortable with memory foam padding on the inside. They look like dress sneakers, very sharp and easy to dress up.


They are comfortable and they grip well. I wear them for daily wear and for hiking.

They are very comfortable, my foot sits perfectly inside the shoe, the arch support is really good, and the shoe and the laces are made of high quality materials. I tried many other brands of hiking shoes but the quality wasn’t there, including Solomon’s.

Merrell Men's Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe

These Merrells are recommended by many different organizations and companies for the rugged design. These MOABs are water resistant and not water proof, but you can easily step in a small to medium sized water puddle and your feet will not get wet. Absolutely love them.


A very good reliable quality shoe. Nothing fancy, but wears well and feels comfortable. I have someone that I buy these for almost every year, because they like no other sneaker type shoe better.

Skechers Men's Energy Afterburn Lace-Up Sneaker

They may look plain white, which they are, but they really dress up any guys outfit, and because there mostly white, they can have artist detail added with paints, markers or leathers.


The ankle space is very tight to fit in without laces. I consider myself to have very thin ankles they are hard to fit in. Once on they feel good.

adidas Originals Men's Swift Run Hiking Shoe

These kix of super comfortable, super light, great cushioning, and probably the nicest sneaker I’ve picked up in a few years. Totally worth it!


They are great boots with a week-long break-in period. They are the most narrow boots I’ve ever owned. So, if you have wider feet, keep that in mind. I’ve had the boots for a few weeks, and they seem reliable.

Wolverine Men's Legend 6 Inch Waterproof Comp Toe Work Shoe

They are the most narrow boots I’ve ever owned. So, if you have wider feet, keep that in mind. I’ve Very comfortable. Has a lot of cushion and the sole is very padded.

The composite toe does not give me blisters. had the boots for a few weeks, and they seem reliable.


They are very light weight, and do not leave you feet feeling sore and tired at the end of the day.

WOLVERINE Men's Overpass Mid Cm Boot

The toe cap material is VERY durable, and does not wear through, so I have never had a need with these for toe bumpers or applying a protective coating to the toes.

Even when previous pairs have worn out, the toes of these boots still look nearly new.


These boots look really good and are very comfortable out of the box. Like some other reviewers If you usually get gel insoles for new boots but not this time.

Columbia Men's Newton Ridge Plus II Suede Waterproof Boot, Breathable with High-Traction Grip

The suede upper is very pliable so no breaking in period required and the rubber sole has serious tread, even around edges. It’s tacky and grippy to the touch.

For the $75 I paid I doubt I can find a nicer pair of boots. Looks, instant comfort, now the longevity test. But they look and feel well-constructed so I have a good feeling I’ll get much more than my money’s worth here. Basically a mid-hi athletic shoe married to a boot.

Not for long snow walks over 3″ or deep cold, the ankle just meets top of the ball. Highly recommend these kicks for their purpose. That is, light winter.

The 16 Best Warmest Winter Coats For Women

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warmest winter coats for women

I usually wear a hoodie anyways, so with one hoodie and the jacket, I’m comfortable to about 30 degrees. If I later two sweatshirts, I can stand a smidge colder. But that’s perfect because that’s why I bought it. I’ve got my big thick coat for when it’s really cold.

I purchased a slightly larger fit because I do like to add fleece jackets underneath or heavy sweaters when temps are far below freezing.
Color is as expected. Comes with a bag that you can squeeze the jacket into for compact storing or to use as a head rest. Absolutely worth it for the price.


The quality of it and comfort is kisses. Very warm. Pockets are great too. The hood is a bit funny but obviously- which I like / u can adjust it and form it to yourself.

Women's Waterproof Ski Jacket Warm Winter Snow Coat Hooded Raincoat

Don’t just try and slap it next to your face pull it down a bit then Velcro it and it’ll fit your head better(hood is removable by a zipper also!)

I cannot feel the wind through the jacket and hood. I only wish the neck on the coat and good were a little larger to accommodate scarfs/neck warmers/tall collars on fleece under-jackets, etc. Also, if you are long and tall, the body and sleeves may be a touch short.

I have albatross arms, and I really only wish the sleeves were about an inch longer. I went with a medium but might have been happier with a large.


The specifications are 90% down, and I did not see the specification for the other 10%. It could be synthetic polyfill, which is a lower cost and lower insulating fill material. However, combining the two could be less compact but better insulation as the polyfill provides more loft.

Wantdo Women's Hooded Packable Ultra Light Weight Short Down Jacket

From using these types of jackets from well-known brands in the past, the typical failure I have experienced is the starter pin breaking off (this is the starting metal part of the zipper that connects one side to the other side).

Well-known brands typically use #5 YKK zippers which are lightweight but high quality (because of the YKK brand). This jacket uses a larger #7 zipper which is an SBS brand.

The SBS brand is a China domestic brand, and the quality is good. The larger #7 size zipper should be more durable and rugged than a smaller #5 zipper.


The slightly fitted design is flattering but not restrictive; it’s super lightweight yet definitely warm; and it’s very well made, with high-quality zippers and solid stitching.

The cuffs beneath the sleeves keep out the cold, and the hood stays put when I put it up. I notice that it feels warmer when I’ve been wearing it for a while, which means it does a good job of trapping my body heat. Just a great coat at a great price!

Outdoor Ventures Women's Maryan Hooded Ultra Lightweight Warm Thermolite Long Puffer Coat

I tried so many different jackets and none of them worked till I got this one. They were either too bulky and puffy (unflattering) or heavy or the wrong length.

This is beautifully fitted and so light-weight. Don’t know how it will be in very cold conditions (haven’t tried it) but our winters are mild so I know it will be great for me.


Lots to like about this coat. Very good for the price. Long enough to keep the booty warm. Has buttons on either side that can undo if you have a small waist and large hips. Personally love that! Hood and pockets are soft and warm.

Wantdo Women's Winter Hooded Coat Waterproof Warm Long Puffer Jacket Parka

I prefer the hood without the fur lining. Hood is adjustable with a Velcro strap in the back. Waterproof and EXTREMELY warm! Bought an XL which is my normal size and fits great with layers underneath.

It is thick and not the most flattering BUT it is a functional and comfortable winter coat. I got the wine red color and it is beautifully vibrant. Very happy with my purchase. I believe this coat will hold up for a while. Nicely made.


This coat is hot! Almost too hot

This is a really good winter jacket. It works really well against icy cold winds and in near freezing temperatures. With some layering this can be very effective to beat the cold.

Wantdo Women's Hooded Warm Winter Coat Quilted Thicken Puffer Jacket with Removable Hood

It looks great but the color I bought (brown) looks nothing like the color in the picture. It’s morIt’s form fitting enough to be flattering but doesn’t feel restricting at all.

this coat feels like I bought it at one of those boujie ski shops. Plenty warm and cozy too!e beige than brown but regardless, it looks good!


This coat is so beautiful, warm, and exactly what I needed for this season! I just want people to know that this jacket does not have room for stretch so if you are in between sizes, I highly recommend going with the larger size so it doesn’t squeeze you or become uncomfortable.

Roiii Women Thicken Warm Winter Coat Hood Down Parka Faux Fur Outdoor Overcoat Long Jacket Outwear

This jacket is very cozy and the mix of camo with plush fur is very stylish. At first the fur sheds a bit, but I used a lint roller to grab the loose fibers.

If you don’t lint roll your clothes will be covered in fibers after removing the jacket. Other than that it’s a great find for the cold weather and you’ll stand out in a sea of regular coats


I blown away by this coat for the price. Really nice zippered pockets, fleece lined, zippered and button front coat. Love the color (forget what they call it but it’s kinda a burnt orange).

My only complaint is the hood. I would much prefer this jacket without a hood, or a detachable hood or at least a drawstring on the hood so it’s useful.

Amazon Essentials Women's Heavyweight Long-Sleeve Hooded Puffer Coat (Available in Plus Size)

I have had a very hard time finding a non-stretchy puffer jacket that zipped over my very wide hips. I’m usually swimming in the shoulders and tight at the hips. I ordered the 6X thinking maybe it would run small.

It is definitely true to size because it was quite large on me which I love – lots of room to move and wear big bulky sweaters underneath.


I really needed something in between a sweatshirt and my heavy winter coat for those milder but still chilly days. I always have a very hard time finding jackets. If you are tall and have long arms.

Most jackets fit like a belly shirt with 3/4 sleeves. Not this one! The jacket sits right at my hips which is perfect and the sleeves actually come down to my wrists! It’s relatively warm.

Amazon Essentials Women's Lightweight Long-Sleeve Full-Zip Water-Resistant Packable Hooded Puffer Jacket

This jacket is also very lightweight and can be stuffed into the little bag that comes with it, so if you are out and need to take it off, you don’t have to schlep a big bulky coat. It’s also pretty decent with being water resistant. It’s NOT a rain coat, so if you wear it in a downpour, you will still get soaked. But for a day when it’s drizzly, it does a good job keeping me dry.

The hood fits really well and actually stays put too. One other thing, I like the material. It’s not one of those fabrics that list sounds and feels scratchy. It’s nice and soft and slick, but it’s not that kind of material that falls apart if you look at it funny either.


This coat is perfect. I have been searching for the right puffer coat for two years. I needed something to wear on the sidelines of soccer and hockey games. So many black puffer coats are shiny and I hate it.

THE NORTH FACE Women's Metropolis Insulated Parka III

The matte finish on the body with shiny black on the sleeves and collar/hood give it a sense of style. I also wanted a coat without a good and love that this one is removable and then I can hide the buttons under the flap.

If you are 5’10” and order the medium. The body length and sleeve length is spot on even for my extra long arms. Unfortunately it is big I the. Body but I am hoping that it just gives me room for bulkier sweaters. I’m afraid to switch sizes and lose the length in the arms. This is a must buy.


Lightweight, very warm, hood keeps the warmth in and the wind out, faux fur doesn’t shed all over the place, good size pockets, great length, fleece lining.

Marmot Montreal Women's Mid-Thigh Length Down Puffer Coat, Fill Power 700

This coat is exactly what it’s advertised to be. It is stuffed full of fluffy down, very warm, holding in all your body heat.

This coat is perfectly acceptable for the frigid below zero temperatures and the bone chilling , violent winds that whip us about here in Chicago.


A little difficult to sit in when zipped closed, but I think that issue is exclusive to the problem of being 30weeks pregnant. It wouldn’t be an issue when not pregnant.

Orolay Women's Thickened Down Jacket

for some reasons, my shoulders aren’t warm in this coat. I can’t tell if it’s bc it’s limited in lining/insulation there or what, but I definitely noticed my shoulders being colder on a particularly cold and windy night when my torso and arms were warm.

Most non-knit/stretch tops/coats/jackets are always too tight across the back or shoulders. This one is snug, but i can still comfortably move in it.

It would fit a small (regular) or small (maternity) well, but it would also fit a medium (regular) if you carry your weight mostly in your abdomen/legs


Eddie Bauer Women's Lodge Down Duffle Coat

This coat is incredibly comfy & cozy. The hood hugs your head & protects from the wind. The bottom 6 inches is closable with buttons only, which makes it wonderful for moving or driving without feeling constraint by a zipper.

The outer material is a lot more thick & sturdy than my other long coats, hopefully this means your dogs won’t snag this material.


you can adjust the wrists on the sleeves with the Velcro piece! This helps a lot for people who are short so the sleeves don’t end up being way too long and flappy like most winter coats end up becoming.

MOERDENG Women's Waterproof Ski Jacket Warm Winter Snow Coat Mountain Windbreaker Hooded Raincoat Jacket

The hood is a great size for those with large heads! It’s very hard to find a hood that’s both warm and large enough to fit when you have a large head that doesn’t cause a headache, the hood on this coat does just that.

This coat will be perfect for winter! It’s very warm, a cute color (pink), and very comfortable, I highly recommend!


comfortably and the arm length is good. The wrist cuffs were a hit as they don’t allow cold air/snow up your arm. The inner skirt buttons nicely and keeps snow out.

GEMYSE Women's Mountain Waterproof Ski Snow Jacket Winter Windproof Rain Jacket

The fuzzy inner lining is soft and keeps you warm. Even with my hair in a top bun, the hood has plenty of room. I also ordered a small size jacket for my 12yr old son.

He liked the detachable hood as he wears a helmet when skiing and doesn’t like a bulky neck. Great jacket for a great price.


This jacket is extremely warm for being also lightweight, with layers underneath it has been fantastic for cold soccer games! It’s also flattering.

Columbia Women's Mighty Lite Hooded Jacket

If you are 5′,6″ and 165 pounds, a little curvy, so I like things that help flatter the body… I’ve always been very happy with Columbia jackets and wanted a long one that covers the thighs, extremely happy with this jacket! Worth every penny.

it’s perfect for Michigan winter. Covers your butt, not supper bulky and keeps you arm with that Omni heat reflective layer.


The coat is heavy and not light weight so don’t expect it to be light. It’s very good for a stormy day when you’ve still got to let the pup out to use the bathroom and watch them.

The coat is stylish. My fur needed a little fluffing once removed from the bag but as expected. The fur does detach but I have not tried that yet to see what it looks like.

16 VERY Best High Waisted jeans

We may earn an affiliate commission through retail link, product listed on this website are independently selected by our editors.

Best High Waisted jeans

If you haven’t bought a pair of jeans in a while. They are always too long, too short, too baggie, too tight, ugly color, too stiff, too stretchy and on and on.

These jeans are perfect! The colors are with a nice soft light blue, the feel of the material is soft, they are stretchy but just enough, they are the perfect length, fit perfectly, button perfectly, I mean I’m still in shock.


They have just enough stretch to be comfortable but not too much to be sloppy or legging-looking. Was so happy to find these on Amazon for a decent price and in almost every size! They last a long time and hold up well to many washings and lots of wear and tear. Highly recommend!

Gloria Vanderbilt Women's Classic Amanda High Rise Tapered Jean

They are incredibly comfortable and have actual pockets. Seriously, the pockets are about 6″ deep and at least as wide. To find a pair of pants that is long enough for my legs, fits my chubby frame comfortably, AND has pockets? I’m in love.

I only wish more of the colors were available in my size. If you are 5’9″ and 305lbs, and the 24 plus long fits me perfectly.


They don’t squeeze, so if you have a smaller waist I’m not sure if they would fit right. I have wider Everything about these pants exceeds expectation!!! The fabric is thick and lifting in the right places. I adore them! So comfy but and they also fit perfectly fine in these.

ODODOS Cross Waist Bootcut Yoga Pants for Women, Non See Through Bootleg Sports Gym Flare Workout Pants

These are the softest workout pants i have ever had! They are super comfortable and soft and stretchy. They were a little long on me but by far the best thing I have got from Amazon!


At first it was recommended to size up, and since these are high waisted jeans I decided that’d be safer since Levi’s do tend to run smaller.

If you are a 27″, so I first got a 28″ (Don’t know which size this review is for since I had to get both) and they were too big, didn’t look skinny and were loose around the waist.

Levi's Women's 720 High Rise Super Skinny Jeans (Standard and Plus)

The 27″ fit like a dream. So comfortable, look great and definitely were quick to become my favorite go to night out jean.

If you are 5’8″ and lately wiggle between 135lbs and 145lbs (was a steady 130-135 lbs before Covid lockdowns, so you can tell I snacked a little more)

They have some nice stretch so they can keep up steadily with 10-15lb Covid bounce around lately, Great jeans,
Levi’s is the definitive classic for sure, you can’t go wrong!


KDF Flare Jeans for Women Women's Bootcut Bell Bottom Jeans High Waisted Stretch Slimming Bell Bottoms Jeans

These pants are great for those with short stocky legs like me. Flare pants are always proportionally off and get tight for me knee to mid calf because of my short legs and wider calves, but the proportions of these black flare jeans are great.

Granted they are VERY long even compared to regular jeans so they’ll need hemming, but even folded up the fit and silhouette is still great. They are super stretchy and comfortable.

I would best describe these as ULTRA high waisted, which is what I was looking for. Since they’re stretchy, the waist band does not dig in or create any weird muffin tops. Thickness is thin to moderate, and does have jean look and feel. Highly recommend. Fits true to normal size and their size table and fit looks just as pictured.


These are genuine straight leg jeans that fit the way jeans are supposed to (not too tight, not too loose) and have real, honest to goodness usable pockets, front and back.


I put my hands in my pockets, straight down with my fingers straight and the top of the pocket actually came up to the bottom of my wrist bones with my fingertips touching the bottoms of the pockets.

I just measured my hands and the pockets turn out to be approximately 7″ deep. That’s definitely deep enough to carry a wallet, lip balm, keys or a regular size smart phone. Please, Wrangler, do not discontinue these jeans.


GV pants are never a disappointment! These pants are the only pants I can buy sight unseen AND will fit.

I stopped buying other makers because I always had to take them back because they didn’t fit. It’s weird but my shape is perfect for this brand.

Gloria Vanderbilt Women's Amanda Classic High Rise Tapered Jean

Not clingy like jeggings, but soft like a jeggings material but these are real jeans! Nice and long but not dragging on floor these go just below my ankle. comfortable enough to wear around the house, but nice and flattering enough to wear our with heels!


IF YOU have been on a search for a great pair of jeans, made of a not cheap or too thin denim material, that doesn’t hide my shape but also smooths over/sucks in the parts I don’t want to accentuate.

Nautica Women's High-Rise Skinny Jeans

It was a tough search, jeans just aren’t made how they used to be, but I had to look no further when I found these! I love them, love how I look and feel in them.

They fit well and ate very comfortable for curvy figures with a wide but thin waist.


The color of these pants they’re beautiful they’re tailored well and more importantly they are I kept them I was going to return them I have the” army green”.

GRACE KARIN Womens Casual High Waist Pencil Pants with Bow-Knot Pockets for Work

Love the navy ones and I bought three and i kept the navy ones as those looked the best.

Great elastic waistband and the ankles design is really cute and flattering love the tie that you can tie in boy and do it at side or the front or back depending on how you tie it, Very flattering pants and they look slimming.

What you read in the product description is what you get and what you see in the image is what you get.


These are exceptionally flattering and comfortable! Very soft pull on with butt pockets. Perfect fit.

VIPONES Bell Bottom Jeans for Women Pull-on Ripped High Waisted Flare Jean Elastic Waist Raw Hem Stretch Skinny Denim Pants

They have a good amount of stretch- but not so much that they lose their shape, super comfy & the perfect length to wear with my wedge uggs, without dragging or that sloppy bunching at the ankles.

The elastic waistband because buttons can be problematic at my size & bonus, the button doesn’t add bulge when I wear longer shirts.


I’m always a little hesitant to buy clothes online, who knows if it’s going to fit. These jeans fit perfectly and are comfortable.

WallFlower Women's Flirty Curvy Skinny High Rise Insta Stretch Juniors Jeans (Standard and Plus)

Even after a few washes they still have an odor, presumably from the dye wash. They do fit as expected based on the size, however I would have liked them to be smaller in the waist; because they are tight on my legs and not particularly snug at the waist, anytime I stand up they sag down around my hips and bum which is NOT flattering.

They are stretchy (but don’t stretch out while wearing, which is a problem I sometimes have with jeans) and comfortable, though. Good for the price point, and someone with more of a booty than me would probably not have the sagging problem.


Gloria Vanderbilt Women's Classic Amanda High Rise Tapered Jean
  • These jeans have a flattering fit along with it’s high waist.
  • These jeans are perfect. So comfortable at the waist and still fit good at the hips, They are a bit long but cuff them and they look perfect.
  • Great jeans.
  • Well made.
  • Sized right.
  • Very comfortable.
  • These are high quality jeans. I love that they come in Tall lengths.
  • The rise is sufficient.
  • The waistband fits above the hip so there is no pressure on the hip bones (you know you’re getting old when that becomes a concern).
  • They fit wonderfully and look great on young figures (i.e. my daughter) as well as “motherly” ones.


I know our bodies are all different, but if it helps any of you ladies, my weight is all in my rear, hips and thighs.

The pant leg is a little long but that is all right with me because I like it that way to go with different shoes that I wear. I will be ordering another pair but in a size 17.

WallFlower Women's Size Luscious Curvy Bootcut Mid-Rise Insta Stretch Juniors Jeans (Standard and Plus)

The 18 I have to keep pulling up, but I’m excited to find a pair of jeans that are so comfortable feeling. I would definitely recommend these jeans, if you get a pair and they don’t fit right you will want to return them and get a different size!


They are high rise and skinny, so description is correct, but they ran small I thought compared to other styles of this brand that are more forgiving.

Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Women's High Rise Super Skinny Jeans

They fit better than I expected. Slightly longer than expected but I rolled them up and it has given them a different flare that I like. I am thinking of purchasing another pair as a back up.


They are stretchy and a great fit. The only issue I had was a hole under the belt loop right at the seam after the second wear. Probably will deter me from spending that amount of money again for this Jean. I have a desk job and wear to work so they are not super durable.

Democracy Women's Ab Solution Jegging

A less expensive alternative are the Angels Forever Jeans. They’re more affordable and also look great, flatten that tummy and are comparable quality.


They washed pretty good and didn’t feel any different so I ordered two more, gold and rose gold. Both fit the same as the red but are a little see-through if you bend over so I recommend not wearing dark underwear with these but otherwise pretty good and I will probably order more again.

L.B FASHION High Waisted Jeans for Women Stretch Skinny Colored Long Pants Plus Size Black White Khaki

It’s really hard for me to shop online for pants because I have short legs, a big butt, and a slim waist. I just never have luck finding pants. I’ve also never tried high waisted jeans before because I could never find the right fit in stores.

I took a gamble on this pair and I am so pleasantly surprised. As one reviewer wrote, when I opened the bag I was thinking, “oh no way…” because it looked very slim and the hips/ waist were TINY.

once I put them on, they turned out to be very stretchy, comfortable, and form fitting as well. Note, the white pair is not as thick of a material so people can definitely see the color of your underwear.


Very slenderizing. Nice high waist, no belly overhang. Comfortable.

These GV white jeans hug in all the right places and are the perfect length for my petite height. Size 6~ Not bad for 68 years old! Great value.

Gloria Vanderbilt Women's Amanda Classic High Rise Tapered Jean

These are really nice quality jeans. The fabric is great quality. They are heavier weight and it is true denim material in the white.

These are a slimmer fit….a true straight leg. They aren’t pencil thin or tight, but they fit the body, without a lot of excess and bagginess.

I was concerned when I bought them. I took a chance hoping the fit wouldn’t be too relaxed and big. I’ve had other jeans by Gloria Vanderbilt and they were big and baggy.

The 18 Best Wide Legged Jeans 2023

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Best Wide Legged Jeans

If you are SO tired of skin tight jeans. These are a refreshing change. If short waisted so they do not sit well at the waist. But for the most part these are comfortable and a nice change.

I knew I wasn’t after the super baggy look on the model. High waisted pants are horrible on your 5’2″ frame with a 42D chest, they get lost in the weeds. Low crotch?

But I’ve had loose skin removed around my waist and ribcage, my arms too, so I’m a weird fit until I get to goal weight and a plastic surgeon removes the rest of the loose skin.



These are made of very lightweight denim, which makes them cool and comfortable.

They look like normal tapered jeans, not baggy. If you are a size 12, 190 pounds. The denim fading and the seams are cool, no mom jeans here. chubby knees, front and back are discreetly hidden in the weight of this dark denim and the double seaming adds structure to the loose knee area of these jeans, that’s what you may need in jeans.

The waistband is high on ribcage but comfy, I can fold it down, still comfy. I’ll wait on the eventual stretch and bagging since these jeans are 100% cotton to see if I want a seamstress to just lower the entire waistband. Or I’ll go low crotch and roll up the hem. Right now the length is perfect, low ankle.

leaving all of the pockets stitched shut for now, a smoother look.


I liked the material and was pleasantly surprised by the cut. I expected the front to be bunchy and worried that it wouldn’t be flattering, but I was happily wrong.


If you are 5’8″ 130 pounds, athletic with a pearish figure. The small was a tad big on my waist but fit my larger thighs perfectly. HOWEVER, the pants only came down to my ankles — about 2-3 inches too short. If you have relatively short legs for your height (long torso) so I’m not sure these would work for most women.


ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE! They fit just right and aren’t too long or too short!


They fit true to size at first but after wearing a little bit, they do stretch out. you may try one size smaller as a result you will get a lot of compliments on them.

These jeans are amazing, they stay the same size all day and don’t get stretched out. They wash well and don’t loose color or length. Definitely worth the price…

They are so flattering and make your butt look fantastic! The 26 fit better on my waist, they look fine with a belt.

They are more expensive than what I usually spend on riding jeans, but I think they’re totally worth it. Hopefully they last longer than my Wranglers!



After several wash and dry cycles they’ve held up nicely.

Very light and comfy. Hangs well and flatters your body. Order up a size waist runs small.

These jeans were exactly as advertised! I love them. They just barely touch the ground (when wearing sneakers or flats).
The best fit and material and color for jeans that are worn in.


I like the high waist and wide leg. Very flattering and look great with a pair of boots and sweater.


As others mentioned if you are average height or petite this is not a cropped jean at all . on 5’6 and it hits my ankles . The model must be quite tall. That said it is true to size and high rise to the belly button. Color is lovely and it’s a good fit.


Besides the fact that these jeans are just too long, these are not designed for curvy girls. If you are a pear/hourglass shape: hip = 45inches where my waist is 31/2.


The jean material is soft, it is real jean so it’s not stretchy. you may think of buying the xl and cutting for a frayed hem.


I love these jeans so much. They fit great around the waist, while also giving that baggy, relaxed look. They are super comfy and are so adorable. They go with everything, while also being surprisingly durable. Definitely a must-buy.


It fit my waits and hips perfectly ! However it is for taller people, I wore my platforms and folded the pants due to their length.


Don’t get me wrong, these are really good quality, good material. They’ve got some solid stretch and forgiveness in the waistline. But they’re NOT “mid rise” as described. These come all the way to my belly button. That might not bother you, for me it’s intolerable and I’ll have to send them back. Too bad because they’re otherwise pretty great.


If you are 5’5″ and 145, order a small (the non-distressed black ones with the front pockets, and as others have mentioned you do need to pay attention to which style you’re ordering).

I normally order medium, but something about how they looked in the video of the model made me decide to get a small, and I’m glad. They fit perfect, not baggy, not painted on. Color is perfect, and the flared bottoms are great. If you are 5’5″ and they are long, but not too long.

Very skimming. Not super thick material, but probably not the best for snow days, or if you are the type to be cold very easily, but like to stay super warm and comfortable.


If you are somewhere between pear and hourglass and these were very flattering in the waist and tush but too wide legged for me. So cute!

These jeans are very comfortable! The style is very flattering and easy make a cute outfit with. The length is good.


If you are 5’6 and they are a little on the long side in the leg if If you are bare foot but if I’m wearing shoes or heels its just right. I love the fact that there sizes are in between sizes. I got a size 9 and currently 8s are too tight and 10s are too loose so the 9 was the perfect size for me.


If you hate jeans because they are very stiff and itchy, I was looking for some classic comfy jeans and found the perfect ones. They are stretchy and they are very flattering, I have receive.

These are pretty darn cute! The fabric is super stretchy, 71% Cotton/3% Viscosa/2% Spandex/24% Poly, and feels like the kind of material you would expect to find in an uber comfortable pair of skinny jeans. Since these aren’t skinny, I feel like I could do gymnastics in them. (If I could do gymnastic.) These are very comfortable and not at all restrictive.


Size wise, they feel pretty true. They are long. If you are 5’8″ with long legs and only order these because they promised a 32-inch inseam. They delivered. If you are much shorter than I am you may need to have them hemmed. Check the measurements for your size. I ordered a 38/5. I would say these feel more like women’s than juniors’ size. Plenty of room in the hips.

The rise is high and hits me about an inch below my belly button.

These fit nicely at the waist and have an attractive but roomy fit at the hip before widening for the legs.


The quality is surprisingly nice! Not too heavy not too thin either. But on first impressions these jeans are super cute and I would recommend them!

If you are 5’7”, 145lbs and I got size large. They’re as pictured, however mine came with a defect. The hole where the button buttons is sewed shut so I can’t button them. It’s an easy fix, I’ll just have to cut it open.


They fit true to size, maybe a tiny bit more snug than I’d like but it’s not a big deal. I don’t necessarily like how they look on me, maybe with the right top and cute shoes I could pull them off. I have a bit of a booty as well but you’d never know in these jeans lol. I’m sure on the right person they’d be super cute.

I love the fit! Very comfortable. They were exactly as pictured and arrived promptly. I would definitely recommend this vendor.
The only bad part about the jeans was the coloring. The jeans on the picture were way lighter than the ones I got.

Which I do actually like and I’m not mad about the coloring but they shouldn’t advertise it like that. If someone else ordered these and didn’t want them dark then they probably would be upset but I was personally fine with them.

Very happy with these jeans. Soft, excellent fit according to their size chart measurements.


I bought these because an influencer I follow looked really cute in them. Turns out that if you’re 5’4 it doesn’t look the same. I almost thought I could raw hem crop them, but it wasn’t going to look right. They were baggy all over even though the waist fit me perfect.


This is definitely not a cute look, unless you want to look sloppy. So unless you are 5’7 or taller, these will look terrible.

They are a great fit! I will say though that these go all the way up to my bottom two ribs and sometimes I can tell it’s a little too tight
These pants fit better than expected, and are VERY high waisted, perfect for cropped tops. Very baggy, fit my look.


They are a high rise (almost too high for me) with a loose fit thru the legs. The flare is gradual and flattering, and they hit right at the top of my foot (almost too short with shoes). They don’t do anything for my fluffy middle section, but I usually wear a longer top to cover that.


It washes well – I did not dry it but the tag says dry on low. I got the taupe and cameo colors, and they are both nice. They are a comfortable addition to my athleisure wardrobe which seems to be growing lately!

Love the material and flare leg. However If you are only 5’2” I had to hem them which is not a problem and often expected but one thing for ‘shorter’ people to be aware of they are High waisted. I don’t know how to adjust that or do the work it would take!

They are almost a little too wide for me – I’d love a straight leg version. I’m 5’6” and they are maybe a smidge long for me but not significantly. Probably will buy another pair!
Great for Dress pants!


The 1990s have returned “fashion wise.” Monica Gellar would look great in these jeans, and I honestly, can’t wait to wear them myself. I suppose these would be called “mom jeans,” but mom jeans are in. They fit closely at the hip and slightly above the waist.


The pants legs are long, straight and wide. Pair it with a white tank and a chunky boot and it will be like you’re in high school again.

These pants are loose, but comfortable. They are soft. They are thick enough for warmth on cooler days, yet thin enough to not be unbearable on hot days. Highly recommend. Wish they weren’t so expensive, but big woman clothes are always more expensive than they should be.


Though I liked the pants, they are too short. I’m 5’8 and I would say if you’re any taller than 5’6, these will be too short on you. The waist is high and is scrunched elastic in the back, not a flat denim look. I’d probably have kept them if they were 2in longer! For reference, my waist is 24 and hips are 36, 125lb, I got an extra small.


They were just bagging enough and tight enough in all the right places. I’ve legit been searching and finally found them. Highly recommend if you are more curvy, then not recommended.

These pants exceeded every expectation I had and fit GREAT!


The fit is perfect. The length is perfect . Not sheer at all. Easy to clean.

Short and Chunky lady. This fit perfect! It looks like a skirt but is actually pants. It’s great for hot weathers. A vacation must have if you want to be a bit modest. It’s not see through at all either.


The drawstrings makes it easy for me to adjust to my waist, These pants are just right. They are weighty enough for fall, but also cute in the summer with flats. I like the pinstripe design, the elastic/drawstring waist and cropped style.

With a cute t-shirt or blouse, these pants make a great outfit. They are a bit “scratchy” linen, but I just wash with fabric softener for help with scratchiness.


As a lady with large calves due to lipedema, these jeans are stretchy and have the wide legs that accommodate without highlighting my legs. Overall, they fit well and I will order additional pairs of jeans.


They fit well, and have a good amount of stretch. They are a bit long, but I’m pretty short. I wore them with chunky boots that are on trend right now and they were perfect!

They are a bit too long but look great with ankle boots


If you are 5’8 and normally 160 lbs (short torso, long legs with high hips and these fit great!) Currently pregnant and weight is around 180 lbs and these still fit great.


I prefer it with the hem rolled for a more casual look but will leave it unrolled in the colder months. The only con is that the rear is not that flattering when left completely exposed due to the elastic waist. It just looks better when the waistband is covered in the back. I’ll probably buy another color.

You can dress these up for a night out, or throw on a T-shirt and sandals for a casual look!

6 Coolest Sunglasses for Women in 2023

best sunglasses for long face female

Often reviews of a particular product are written by consumers who may not have all the facts, or all the complete facts are unclear, or a different set of facts apply to different models of a product manufactured by a particular company, e.g., Ray-Ban.

I bought these sunglasses back in May 2021, have worn them more times than I can count and they are still perfect. I’ve worn on hikes, to the beach, around multiple cities, dropped them a bunch, crammed them in so many bags and no scratches, chips or issues, for such a low price.

These glasses seemed pricey to someone who buys new sunglasses every couple of months at discount store. I got the medium size. fits and feels great


have a hard time finding glasses that fit easily and comfortably on your face?

the only negative is that they are a little wide. If you have a small or narrow head, they may be too large, Low and behold they fit!

They are about .5 cm too small but nothing a little stretching of the sides didn’t fix. you will love the way they look and the colors are cute!

Highly recommend!

Dollger Rectangle Sunglasses for Women Men Trendy Retro Fashion Sunglasses UV 400 Protection Square Fram

Great sunglasses, comfortable and stylish while reducing glare from the sun.

They are light weight and have this very pretty gloss look, they are so flattering and look expensive, They come with a glasses baggie and cloths. Highly recommend!


These glasses are beautiful and are very light weight. And unlike some of the other brands, the polarized lenses do their job.

We highly recommend Ray Ban for the quality and craftsmanship.

Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer Polarized Sunglasses for women and men

Len’s are made of glass, they fell so darn good on head, you could forget that you are wearing them.


The color of the lenses is the perfect shade and darkness. you can Buy these glasses for the beach.

Love how big these are. I had Lasik and they are perfect because the sun does not bother me at all in them. You will get so many compliments on them too which is always great!

Jessica Simpson J5823 Quilted Women's Rectangular Sunglasses with 100% Uv Protection. Glam Gifts for Her, 55 Mm

These are the perfect fit and very well-made. They look high end. They are with a great silver tension-close opening bag that keeps the glasses protected.


If you have a hard time finding sunglasses because you have high cheekbones. This causes sunglasses to sit way too high on your face and it looks ridiculous. This style will fit your face perfectly. they ware also authentic.

Ray-Ban RB4171 Erika Round Sunglasses

These glasses are comfortable and cute, the color is a little off, they are really purple

These frames are lightweight and very comfortable to wear. The blue frame is very subtle one on.

These appear to be real Ray-Bans. Not fake


They are the standard 3025 aviators that ray ban has been making for many decades. They are the lightest glasses I have ever felt but the wire still has a lot of strength to them and you will like how flat they fold up.

Ray-Ban Women's RB3025 Classic Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses

the matt gold finish is really nice without being too gaudy and the blue flash lenses will definitely attract attention.


I really like how the tops of the frames do not flare out on the new wayfarers. They sit much more comfortably. I love the matte black frames & they do not show scratches, Definitely opt for the polarized lenses!

Offers sun protection with lightweight style.

Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer Square Sunglasses

The fit and finish feel great and are of top quality. The crystal scratch resistant lenses are nice too as they also add weight. plus I think the 2132 looks better without the white logo. A penny is softer than the crystal lenses and the white front logo was removed with ease. The added weight of the crystal lenses feels like a nice pair of sunglasses should fit and finish are top notch. Made in Italy with scratch resistant crystal lenses. You get what you pay for.

The Best White, Wide Leg, Flare Jeans , Sweat Pants for Women in 2023

We may earn an affiliate commission through retail link, product listed on this website are independently selected by our editors.

Are you looking for some best and cheap white pants?

I literally worn them doing yard work today which says a lot! In the past I would only put on white jeans once a year for a dinner out and then instantly change when I got home!

white legging, pants and jeans

Fashion witticism, yes We are talking about the history the White pants become witticism in past years, and announcing of single pair of white jeans is wrong, because it depends on every individual, We have delineation and shadow which gives more support to ourselves, Blanched denim was listed in past year’s summer item list, limited with memorial day to Labor Day but now baggy styles and tampered, high rise, bellbottom, and straight denim are again been chosen in white.

If you have been checking out with Nordstrom, macy or any departmental store than you should try this, because you had to spend over $110 to get a NYDJ jean, Denim, Gloria Vanderbilt, Democracy, No-Nonsense, Hanes, Arctix, Sidefeel. But here are some great deal with $12.50 to $109, great fit, high quality and stretch a bit. the look works and these pants look nice on a 14 to 65 year old body with any shape, it is not your designer but it look good.

If it has been a while to hear a compliment, wear these recommended pants and get exceptional compliments.

  • NYDJ
  • HANE


As person who can never buy jeans without trying on tons of pairs this was a test and NYDJ passed with flying colors. they fit perfectly, and figure flattering, The denim retains more heat so you wouldn’t want to wear in hot weather,

NYDJ passed with flying colors. they fit perfectly, and figure flattering denim

These are the most comfortable jeans, it’s so true that our bodies sure do change over time. If you legs are still skinny, but middle sure isn’t! These jeans really take that into account and fit perfectly o more “mature” figure. You can put them on right out of the dryer- No more lying down on the bed to get them zipped.


If you hate feeling like either you have jeans that fit, but cannot button them for fear of cutting off circulation to the lower part of body Or jeans that are extremely loose and look sloppy, try these jeans because the price is right.

If you have tennis shoes and a 2″-heeled boot, you should try these and you will be please with the look of both! you can just cuffed the jeans up a little and they look great! These are a great pair of jeans for the price and comfort, plus they look cute!

GLORIA VANDERBILT jeans, if you are a plus size as they stretch and fit in all the right places

These jeans are the best if you are a plus size as they stretch and fit in all the right places

These have just the right amount of Stretch!


We do think it would be great if the designer or manufacturer of the jeans can make sizes that go above the extra extra large size so that anyone who is above the 16/18 size range can also enjoy buying pants that are very flattering and can make them feel confident in what they wear without having to go into the store and try on so many different pairs of pants and possibly walk out without even buying one pair of jeans.

If you wear a 24 in Torrid size pants, and the 4x pants fit you very well. They are nice and tight on the thighs, which is great because most plus size pants are really loose in that area, So these are very flattering, comfortable and perfect for any curvy girl that is hesitant to buy jeans without trying them on first.

White Pants for Women

You really been looking for a pair of jeans that were not slim fit or tapered at the leg or just a normal wide leg ant. they have a stretchy waistband if you are weeks pregnant and they are amazing. They will work perfectly when you are not pregnant also.

No chemical smell. This is a Huge Bonus for YOU!


Many pairs of “stretchy jeans” biggest complaint is that they are initially snug but then get progressively looser during the day, and by the end of the day, puling them up & swearing YOU need to remember to wear a belt. These jeans have a band of elastic at the waist that keep them tight/secure all day, which is fabulous! NO MORE BELT.

Democracy jeggings just fell right, the tummy tuck, stretch and butt lift make you feel incredibly confident when looking in the mirror and they are comfortable.

DEMOCRACY,  jeggings just fell right, the tummy tuck, stretch and butt lift make you feel incredible

If you hated jeans growing up and still have never felt super comfortable in jeans but these ones feel more like dress pants or legging, The jeans fit well and are flattering. The rise is between a mid-rise and high-rise. High enough to hold in belly without a muffin top, and low enough to not look like mom-jeans.


Hate jeans! have a big tummy and the waist on most jeans drives you nuts? Thus you have been wearing leggings for years but now feel like leggings are becoming a little uncool and jeans are trending back.\Tried another brand of pull on skinny/joggings but the waistband was wider and would roll down when sitting? That brand was a petite short, but was still a little long and bunched at the ankles. these jeans check all the boxes from fitting and flattering, but not too tight. The short length hits right at ankles. the waistband isn’t too wide or too tight. It also stays put when sitting.

AMAZON ESSENTIALS, Most jeggings that fit around middle are massive on the hips and legs but these fit perfectly

Are you classic Apple shape with a round tummy but slim hips and legs? Most jeggings that fit around middle are massive on the hips and legs but these fit perfectly. would definitely recommend for summer as the fabric is lightweight..

Would love that these jeggings are not so super skinny that you look ridiculous in them! They stretch is beautiful and they hold you in just right. After wearing them all day they will not saggy at all. These fit so well and flatter


look saggy baggy elephant? NO MORE

Do not have a big bottom or thick thighs so it would slide down a bit through out the day?

These leggings in white are very comfortable and thick with pockets on the back to give a jean like look – can go out the door wearing them! I did buy another pair as was pleased with quality. They are not sheer

No-NONSENSE, These leggings in white are very comfortable and thick with pockets on the back to give a jean like look

Have not stretched out holds shape very comfy and looks like jeans you could dress them up with nice blouse sweater and no one would know.

These jeggings are the perfect fit for teen daughter. Stretchy, strong, clean and comfortable perfect for when she wants to be a kid and when she wants a more grown up look. You would refer these to several of your adult friends who love them just as much!

People also buy these pants for work so comfortable and they look great, Thin and stretchy fabric, Excellent craftsmanship


Cheap fast finish at the cuff but easy enough to rip out with a razor blade and make shorter if you needed to. Overall a quick factory made product with no frills and potential problems depending on how your body is build. If you decide to keep just make sure you have at least 1/2″ to spare through the thighs! we are considering going up a size because of the shrinkage making them a bit on the snug side through the thighs/hip area AFTER WASHING

You might have to alter that if necessary but over all happy with the pants and way easier and cheaper than going out and buying the fabric and going through the hassle to make them which you could do. and as you can see the new pant are not the same size! This is not dryer shrink, people also wear these pants after knee surgery. Plenty of width in the leg. Slight shrinkage after washing.

HANES, These pants are a light weight sweat pants

These pants are a light weight sweat pants. Very comfortable for lounging around the house or doing housework. If you need to run out, feel the pants are okay for running errands. Nice comfortable fit for my wife to wear around the house on a cold day.

Need something comfy to wear around the house? you can wear these over your pajamas in the early morning to walk you dog. and if It is very cold, these pants make it bearable. They are warm and long enough to reach tennis shoes.

People say about Hane on amazon that its Nice material, washes well, feels good inside. Nice cut to the pattern. Tighter through the thighs growing a little bigger from the knees down to ankle and plenty wide enough through the calf/s(of course that would depend on your own personal calves). yeah a lot of fuzz came out in the dryer but they are still soft and fuzzy


finding a pair of snow pants that fit is impossible and we always check size references in review was concerned with the bib style that it would be too tight around chest, but we found that with the adjustable straps, you can get it to fit just right. we think you’re more pear shaped, else would fit just fine as you can adjust the straps a lot if you need it tighter around the chest, they feel like a onesie with crunchier sounding fabric they’re fairly flattering as far as snow pants go when the straps are properly adjusted.

The design accommodates people who carry their weight in their lower half (derriere and hips).

you could go up one more size to have a little more bending and movement room.

ARCTIX, The design accommodates people who carry their weight in their lower half (derriere and hips)

The jumper’s legs have two layers, one with elastic for inside the boot, and the outer white shell for outside the boot. There is plenty of room in the hips but for curves to fit without any discomfort when sitting. The straps are adjustable, and there is a center zipper for ease on and off. The pockets also have zippers and can easily fit a large phone. You’ll be overall very pleased.