Playology Dog Toys

Playology Squeaky Dog Toys for Large Dogs

Playology Squeaky Dog Toys for Large Dogs

I have recently been blessed (and cursed) with my first Super Chewer dog, a year old Australian Shepherd. She will chew herself out of boredom, so it’s imperative we always have sturdy toys readily available for her, preferably in every room.

Playology and Kong by and large have been the best toys we can find for her. Kong has a very good rubber ball, bone, and ring that have held up spectacularly (no noticeable damage after months of use, except maybe some pin-prick teeth marks). Dogs need a wide range of textures though for enrichment, so we’ve been dabbling with the Playology line (the tire, plush bone, dry-tech rope), including this ball.

The scent factor is definitely interesting. Most people know Playology for the peanut butter scents, so I was very excited to find a multitude of flavors available on Amazon, especially with the different scents clearly labeled. I choose the red or beef flavored since the only two in the medium size in stock at the time were beef and sweet potato. The scent is indeed noticeable to humans, but it’s not too strong or overwhelming on its own (walking down the Playology aisle in Petsmart can be overwhelming though since they have dozens of dozens of scented toys, much like going down a candle aisle).

I can’t speak for the dog on how she feels about the scent, but she took to the ball immediately, same as the normal peanut butter ones we get. The medium size is pretty much perfect for her (she’s just under 50lbs). It’s got decent bounce for playing fetch in the house, but not so bouncy that we’re afraid to use it in the house. It’s got a decent density to it as well that adds to the sturdiness.

The biggest issue is the squeaker. It’s not an obnoxious squeaker by any means, and the dog enjoys it very much. However, when you put a squeaker in any toy, it reduces the density and creates a weak spot dogs can exploit. She did good with the ball at first and was able to sit and chew on it for minutes as a time without doing any real damage (her teeth leave lots of pin-prick teeth marks, but they don’t do any real damage to the ball, just superficial marks).

Aussies are considered incredibly smart though, and it didn’t take her long to learn she could rip out the bottom of the ball where the squeaker is sealed inside to tear the squeaker out, thus ripping the squeaker apart and compromising the structural integrity of the ball. We’re debating if we want to toss the ball in the trash or attempt letting her play with it in a supervised session without the squeaker to see if it is safe.

So, overall, this is a very tough ball. It does accumulate teeth marks that are essentially harmless, but there is a weak spot in the seam where the squeaker is inserted, which means this is not indestructible. It is by and large a great ball for fetch and likely won’t ever be destroyed unless a dog is left with it long enough to chew a hole through that squeaker seam. Playology balls are pretty costly though, so the risk of it becoming unusable once the squeaker is ripped out is a bit off-putting. The bright side is that if you monitor your dog, you can likely get several weeks or months of use out of the ball; just no unsupervised play sessions.

7/10, durable, bouncy, and the scent keeps the dog interested, but the ball is not good unsupervised as it can be destroyed if the squeaker is ripped out. We will continue to buy Playology toys, but we will likely not buy too many of these balls until a more durable one (maybe without a squeaker) is released.

Playology Dual Layer Bone Dog Toy, for Large Dogs (35lbs and Up)

Playology Dual Layer Bone Dog Toy

 This toy still looks new after over a week of abuse!(Most of the others I’ve tried are in pieces within the first hours) She plays with it frequently, bouncing and chasing it as well as chewing on it. It has a nice rubber, outer layer to protect her teeth. The only other chew toys that have held up are the hard nylon. But I’m afraid she will break a tooth…not to mention the shards that she swallows. Definitely worth the money and I will be buying more from this company!

Playology Dri Tech Rope Dog Chew Toy – for Medium Dogs (15-35lbs)

Playology Dri Tech Rope Dog Chew Toy - for Medium Dogs (15-35lbs)

This company makes very well-made dog toys. Six months ago we adopted a lab pit mix and he destroys every toy we’ve ever bought him. This route is durable, sturdy, a great value for your dollar and my dog loves playing with it or just chewing on it!!! Definitely give it a try if you have an aggressive to her. You will not be disappointed.

I feel a little silly being so excited about a dog pull toy. This thing is great quality. He is a chewer big time! I have seen him try to shred this and it has been victorious so far. I will be getting more of their stuff.

Playology Squeaky Chew Stick Dog Toy, for Large Dogs (35lbs and Up) – for Moderate Chewers – Engaging All-Natural Cheddar Cheese Scented Toy – Non-Toxic Materials

Playology Squeaky Chew Stick Dog Toy

At first my Dogo wasn’t too fond of it and didn’t pay much attention to it, but it then became his favorite toy. He loves anything that squeaks but he also tears anything apart but this thing still squeaks and smells like peanut butter! He absolutely loves it and this brand has become our go to when it comes to getting him toys because they are very very durable.

With the Squeaky Chew Stick my Grand Dog is able to satisfy its need to chew (which makes everyone happy). Playology Squeaky Chew Stick Dog Toys have always been my Grand Dog’s favorite.

The squeaker still worked months later and it showed many “teeth marks” but this didn’t effect the actual toy’s use. I called about the smell and it was suggested that I keep toy outside. That might have worked in the summer., however it’s cold here now and she loves these toys so much she would bring them in. So again, she didn’t have a problem with the odor, we in the house did. I wrote to Karen who suggested to keep it outside, I told her it was a problem, and that I wanted a toy for inside play. Back and forth emails and the end result was Karen’s supervisor Kailey Jiminez wrote to me and a replacement toy was mailed out and not a bad smell. Because of my dog being kept happy., (she is having ACL surgery soon) 🙁 We will definetly purchase again from this company. 

Playology Plush Squeaky Dog Toy for Moderate Chewers – Medium Squeaky Bone – Beef Scented Dog Toy, Engaging, All-Natural, and Interactive Non-Toxic Chew Toys

Playology Plush Squeaky Dog Toy for Moderate Chewers

Pictures: First two are first 12-hours, June 19. She scissored off the label, as usual and then made a very small hole. Two days later there are two holes, but they hadn’t gotten much bigger a week later, June 29. The last two pictures are today, July 8. The noisy plastic started to peek out a week ago and I just pulled it out and tossed it and it was still in one piece, handy for tossing.

May I just say that this is nothing short of remarkable for our dog. She generally cuts everything in small pieces or strips with her scissoring back teeth, and she’s neither done that with this ring, nor has she forgotten it. We traded it out for two days and then brought it back and she brings it to us for some tug every day.

Until this toy, the only fabric toys she’s managed not to completely gut and turn inside out and then shred in a day are the Tuffy toys. Based on the construction and the fact that this toy was not stuffed we had hope for this toy and it did not disappoint.

Playology Puppy Teething Bone Dog Toys, Large – Chew Toys with Squeaker for Puppies 4-8 Months – Engaging All-Natural Chicken Scented Toy

Playology Puppy Teething Bone Dog Toys

We just brought her home at 8 weeks. It took a couple of days and now she loves it. I don’t know about durability but she is chewing on the points and trying to carry it with them. It is great for the really young puppies just leaving their momma.

To begin, it’s worth noting the confusing statements about these toys and the best age range for them. The listing states they’re for puppies 4-8 months old (or 16-32 weeks). The packaging itself states that it’s for puppies 8-16 weeks. I tested these toys with my extra-small puppy from ages 8-12 weeks and ran into no age-related issues.

-Sensory Snail, Small, Peanut Butter
This sensory snail toy is a blast for my puppy. She loves the different textures and noises. The crinkling sound and very chewable knots on the edges made this one of her favorites of the whole bunch.
After two weeks and many intense play sessions with this toy, it did begin to look a little worse for the wear. The knots on the edges began to mildly fray in spots where her sharp teeth had begun to pull the material apart. I would not leave this toy with her as a self-play option.

-Sensory Rope, Small, Peanut Butter
This sensory rope was a lot of fun for my puppy to play with and really offers a lot of different rope experiences all-in-one. There are knots, thin strands, chunks, and thick sections for puppies to explore. This makes a great tug toy but would also likely be a great option for teething.
The downsides of this toy were that it smelled the most like peanut butter of all of the options I tested and that it sheds. The smell was almost obnoxious. I can only assume the material made it easier to absorb the smell, but it could be smelled across the room. The scent didn’t seem to entice my puppy any more than a standard rope toy, but that could be age related. The shedding was more of a problem. Even directly out of the packaging, this toy began to lose threads. Once it was being played with, more and more began to come loose. It wasn’t enough that I think it’s a major hazard for most pups, but I would advise keeping a close eye on your pet when playing with this one especially.

-Sensory Ball, Small, Peanut Butter
This ball was super fun to watch an extra-small dog play with. It was large for her, but she loved grabbing onto the spikes and tossing it around. The ball itself doesn’t roll very well due to the spikes, but they make for a great chewing option as well as a fun way to move this toy around.
The only thing that wasn’t great about this toy is that the spikes began to shred after only a few days of play. It didn’t last as long as I would have liked, but it was fun while it lasted.

-Teething Bone, Large, Peanut Butter
I ordered this toy without paying close enough attention to the sizing information. The information is accurate and I was mistaken to order it for my extra-small dog. She still liked chewing on it, but the weight make it far too difficult for her to really move around. This would be a great choice for larger dogs.

Overall, I would highly recommend any of the toys in this line for all puppies except super chewers. Most of the toys can be broken down with enough tugging and biting. As with all items you give to your puppy, you need to keep an eye on them while they’re playing to make sure it’s a safe option for them.

It’s also worth noting that while my puppy loved these toys, I didn’t notice a major change in the way she interacted with them versus unscented toys. I think the designs are great and she really enjoyed them, however, the scent might really depend on each individual dog.

Playology Squeaky Chew Ball Dog Toy Beef Scent, Small, Red

Playology Squeaky Chew Ball Dog Toy Beef Scent, Small, Red

These balls are great. My baby loves them. highly recommended by me and my little one.

By far the longest lasting squeak we’ve tried. Our short legged Jack Russell loves squeaky toys, but usually chews the squeaker out of them in a couple days. This one is still going strong. Great bounce, extremely durable. Glad to know some part is not going to come out and choke her.

First off the best chew toy for my jack russell…he can chew through almost anything in under 5 min…he cannot get enough of this toy he has chewed on it for 2 hours straight..and nothing I mean nothing has come off and it still squeaks ..I got the medium the small would be too small