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white computer monitor

if you’re searching for a sleek, white monitor for a white-themed office space – look no further. i spent quite a bit of time comparing various monitors before deciding on this one. i’m VERY happy with my decision; it matches the 2021 imac perfectly. buy this!

i was looking for a cheap affordable monitor that’s not small but also not that big and this 24 inches hp monitor really sold me! it’s white/grey-ish and matches my white setup plus the screen size is enough for me and is such an upgrade (coming from a 14 inches laptop). the quality and resolution is really good and it’s easy to setup as well!

LG LED TV 24″ 720p HD Display, Triple XD Engine., Internal Speaker, 60 Hz Refresh Rate, 1 HDMI, 1 USB, 1 (ATSC) – White

LG LED TV 24" 720p HD Display, Triple XD Engine white monitor

I had a 19″ in my bedroom and I wanted something a little larger so I went for the 24″. I liked the fact that this was a white TV which is more in keeping with my bedroom colors. I got the wall mount too. When I got the TV, it turned out that the screw holes in the mount I already had on the wall matched so I didn’t actually use the mount I had just purchased, even though the former one was black. The TV was large enough to cover the black stand so it didn’t matter. I kept the stand because I plan to give the 19″ to my grandkids. I figured it was interchangeable.

As far as the TV itself is concerned, I am very happy. I had read that some people had trouble hearing it. But reviews of other TV’s had the same complaint, so I took a chance. This was not true in my case and I have poor hearing. I found that if you put sound mode on music, the voices were actually clearer than I experience on any of the other TV’s in the house. Also, with the larger size I was able to put the CC on and actually read the words. And I didn’t have to turn it on particularly loud to hear it. The setup was extremely simple. It actually came with batteries for the remote. There are multiple picture modes and the contrast and colors change with the various modes from vibrant to more muted.

We put it up today and I’m just waiting for my husband to go out to his shop so I can go back in the back and enjoy my new TV. Remember when people used to put a disclaimer in their reviews saying they got a discount. They don’t do that any more and it makes me wonder how many reviews are basically paid for. So I’m letting you know up front that this is NOT a discounted review. I simply love the TV and wanted to counter the few people that said the sound was too low.

ASUS VZ239H-W 23” Full HD 1080p IPS HDMI VGA Eye Care Monitor (White)

ASUS VZ239H-W 23” Full HD 1080p IPS HDMI VGA Eye Care Monitor (White)

I got this monitor to match my ASUS Zenbook laptop, and it works perfect for my needs. I just needed an extra larger screen for using software with large windows like DAWS (Pro Tools, etc) and other content creation (digital art). I do some gaming casually, but mostly RPG’s and nothing needing fast refresh rates or competitive online play. For me, this monitor looks incredible with the visuals and has awesome settings and built in technologies like ACSR (ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio) and Vivid Pixel modes. I’ve tested some high definition videos at 60HZ and the monitor has great smooth refresh rates with no ghosting thanks to it’s Trace Free mode setting. My games look stunning and the monitor has accurate colors and good brightness.

About the monitor, one thing I must note to those who buy it, when I opened the box I thought that my product came defective because the standing hinge was pushed all the way forward for packaging and felt like it was stuck. I was afraid to tilt the monitor upwards because the thin panel felt like it might’ve cracked, however I found a lot of people online had this same experience and assured that with a bit of strength you can pop the monitor stand right out just fine and then it’s very easy to adjust and tilt after that. It’s probably just a lock mechanism thing.

If you’re looking for a monitor for gaming, you should not be looking at this product. Find a monitor with G-Sync/Freesync and either a good TN or VA panel for better and higher refresh rates and response times.

If you’re looking for a monitor with good size and color accuracy for media consumption, this one fits the bill really well because of it’s price and high quality.

If you’re looking for a monitor for content creation, you could probably find a monitor with a higher sRGB accuracy maybe, but I think this one looks just fine and has plenty of settings to adjust on the OSD.

The monitor has built in speakers but they’re nothing better than a standard low-mid range cellphone speakers. It’s okay for listening to basic videos, but nothing for music and such of course. Nice addition, but I honestly won’t be using them.

This is my first ASUS monitor product purchase and I’m very impressed and happy with this one.

Acer EZ321Q wi 31.5″ Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS Monitor (HDMI & VGA port), White

Acer EZ321Q wi 31.5" Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS Monitor (HDMI & VGA port), White

I have other 31.5″ monitors, but I tried one of the Acer monitors and actually like it way better than the ones I’ve been using. The colors are bright & bold. It’s use is general internet and work, so I couldn’t give any useful info’ on how well it’d be for gaming. But for my uses it’s a real winner. I’ll be upgrading the others in my office with it in the future.

First this monitor is not used for gaming rather it is used for business. The picture quality is spot on even with photos not taken by a professional. While using the monitor for 8+ hours a day the brightness and clarity does not seem to tire the eyes. It has been great for reviewing documents due to the size. So far so good. Our office is also using a number of other brand monitors which were more expensive and we have been unable to tell any real difference.

So far so good. Incredibly easy to set up. Took it out of the box, removed my prior monitor from its mount, screwed this one in, plugged in the same HDMI cable, plugged in power and turned it on. Immediately hooked in. It’s a bit heavy, but given the ease otherwise and the fact that I don’t anticipate lifting it again, that’s minimal concern. I’m not using this for gaming, just office work, but it sure is a relief on my tired old middle aged eyes. The resolution and colors look fantastic, minimal glare off the light through the windows. There’s like a matted sense to the screen, which is just what I was looking for so that I didn’t get too much reflection off of the window behind me (before, even with the shutters closed, the little light going through would impair the quality of the imaging off of my monitor.

I have a smaller ACER monitor mounted next to it, wanted to try this first before getting a second. Assuming that things continue to go well with this one, will be purchasing another soon.

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Acer EB321HQ Awi 32″ Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS Monitor (HDMI & VGA port),White

Acer EB321HQ Awi 32" Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS Monitor (HDMI & VGA port),White

I was considering two 27″ HDMI monitors, but decided on one 32″ for my needs. I really wanted a monitor that had a good brightness level, which can be lower on more gaming focused monitors depending on the screen technology.. My fundamental need was to display multiple windows which it does fine, and is a great boost to productivity versus flipping between screens. The Picture in picture is one of the features I really wanted. I can display up to two concurrent windows, with a choice of 5 locations.

The display is crisp, and fine for my eyes. The color rendition is good, I’ve seen better, especially on some 4k screens, but it is not disappointing, and the colors seem reasonably saturated, and are fine for Photography. But there are some that are much better, check out some of the Viewsonic, and Philips displays. As I noted the brightness is however good for a large display.

The feature that really swung the Acer display was the PIP function, I could not find this feature on any monitor at this time for less than $300/ up. This allows me to run a development system and operate side by side of PIP modes to use both systems. This is really awesome. The Acer has three inputs to select from – one Display Port, an HDMI, and one DVI. I run the Windows 10 Laptop into the DVI, and a Raspberry Pi into the HDMI and the Mac into the display port input. I run the Mac at QHD which it performs flawlessly. The Linux (Pi) runs on HDMI at similar resolution, and the lap top in a Window at same res as the local display. I have an external keyboard switch to share the keyboard and mouse between the Mac and the Pi. This all works very well. The only clunky bit is the hidden controls and on screen display on the Acer, thats meh. I have also used the screen with my old Apple TV, which is nice when you are working sometimes. I wish there were a few more PIP options, but the basics are well covered.

I also have headphones connected to the display and can listen to music etc at night without waking up the family. There are no on-board speakers however. That would be my one add in a perfect world.

This screen does have a VESA MOUNT! I have this hung off a nice wall mount which frees up more desk space and is easy to adjust to suitable viewing. This is something that a lot of models do not support in the value end of the market. In my experience with a super large screen this is a must have. I would not buy a monitor without this feature. The enclosed stand is very nice finished, but I have not used it, so no further comment on that.

Obviously all the inputs work, and features. Also the monitor plays nice with the Mac (a 2011 Mac Mini Server) and Windows 10. It also works fine with the Pi, which makes for a really nice little Linux system BYTW. So top marks for compatibility. Oh, and yes it works with the Apple TV Gen 3. The picture is a little low res though, so not the coolest, I would use a more current model for serious viewing.

I did not use the supplied cables, I purchased these nice nylon covered cables from Amazon – Ivanky. They work well, and feed through the mount nicely.

On size, I think you could go up to about 40″ on the desktop, but it may become tiresome to use. I find 32″ works fine for my needs. Two 27″ would have the usual line down the middle, so I don’t think the extra space would be as useable, or at least as flexible. I have definitely seen a productivity improvement with the large screen, and work is more relaxed by not having to keep switching screens all the time. The Mac multiple desktop is really great here for organizing your work flow.

Acer get some whacks here for reliability. No observation to share at this time. Will report back if that situation changes. There were no stuck or missing pixels at all. Thumbs up to Acer on that.

Build quality, mine is nicely put together, and I really like as noted the traditional power chord and VESA mount. Not having another power pack hanging out on the desk or the floor is nice.

Screen uniformity of color etc, very, very good. The camera picture is poorer than the actual experience. The panel is rated for wide angle use and that is 100% the case in use. This is good when we are discussing something on the computer, so you can display and share. That might however, be an issue in some office environments – FYI.

In summary…

1. Some great features that are not competitively available in this price range
2. Good quality QHD display with a good brightness
3. Screen controls – meh
4. VESA mount
5. No wall wart, plugs into the standard 110v wall socket!
6. Nice range of digital video inputs, would have loved an additional HDMI (ie 4 inputs)
7. Headphone socket
8. Good price, and good value to price

The cons:

1. Its not the best choice for hard core gaming – but then you already know that, so why are you looking!
2. No speakers
3. On screen controls are not the greatest Ux.

Overall great business/engineering display. Not the best for photography, and lower performance end of the spectrum for gaming. Recommended for the Office type user. Supports local presentation capability due to size.

Samsung 27in White Super-Slim Curved 1080p LED Monitor, 1920 x 1080 Resolution (Renewed)

Samsung 27in White Super-Slim Curved 1080p LED Monitor, 1920 x 1080 Resolution (Renewed)

It’s a perfect refurbish. It’s as if it’s brand new. I really wanted it so I could use my ROG laptop as a tower when I’m just doing work at home but it’s great to be able to game on it, too. The display is bright without hurting my eyes, colors are crisp, zero latency with the provided HDMI cable. I’d 1000% recommend.

It’s like a brand new monitor and for such a cheaper price. I would most definitely recommend. It’s perfect for gaming. It’s not 4K or anything but the picture is great and I absolutely love it.

ASUS VY249HE-W 23.8” 1080P Monitor – White

ASUS VY249HE-W 23.8” 1080P Monitor - White

I’ve had this product for a few months now and I love it! I WFH and was tired of staring at my tiny laptop screen, so I bought this monitor. It’s super easy to set up with my MacBook and although the picture quality and brightness are not AMAZING, it gets the job done. I’m very happy with this purchase and would definitely buy another!

Good for the price, I think. It can be wall-mounted which is great. Sometimes the frames take a moment to catch up in certain area in my game with imagery-lag, but that’s what you get with 75 Hz. If you’re just looking for a second monitor, I think this is an alright choice. The brightness does not go as bright as I’d like, which is going to take some getting used to.

 This product is flawless! My eyes are finally taking a break from terrible average screens. I have been able to work my 6-8 hours a day without experiencing any discomfort

HP M24fwa 23.8-in FHD IPS LED Backlit Monitor with Audio White Color

HP M24fwa 23.8-in FHD IPS LED Backlit Monitor with Audio White Color

I saw that HP now makes monitors with the Blue Light saver stuff right in it. I have the blue light glasses but I always forget to wear them. I work on a computer 10 hours a day and I can never sleep at night because all the melatonin has been sucked out of my body by my laptop. (or at least that is my current theory). Since buying this laptop my sleepless nights are much less. I was worried about the color distortion but haven’t found it to be an issue at all. In addition, I am a big fan of the color white so this is one of the few monitors you can find in “white”. Overall, I would recommend this monitor to anyone that needs a good basic monitor for work. It’s only 75htz so I don’t know if it would work for “gamers”.

olors are great and the graphics are beautiful. Only thing is the HDMI is a little finicky so be careful when inserting the cable and try not to tug on it too much cause I have a feeling it can be damaged easily. Otherwise perfect!!

super affordable and sturdy. the screen is like a laptop screen and not like a touch screen which I guess is obvious. might have to adjust the brightness when you first get it as I had to turn it down to 50 as to not burn my eyes. overall super satisfied with my purchase!

Samsung 27″ Curved Monitor – Model #LC27F391FHNXZA

Samsung 27" Curved Monitor - Model #LC27F391FHNXZA

Bought to match existing monitor. Decided to have matching monitors, I’m not a gamer but do research using multiple tabs open at once. I liked my first enough to add a second.

Easy to set up, plug in and plug away! Sleep, clean, and ideal for home office, dual side-by-side setup!

The picture is clear and the plug and play is great. There is, however, a single dead pixel that refuses to come back to life. Not a deal breaker and I’ll keep it!

CRUA 27″ Curved White Monitor, Full HD(1920x1080P)VA Panel 1800R100HZ 99% sRGB Professional Computer Monitor

CRUA 27" Curved White Monitor, Full HD(1920x1080P)VA Panel 1800R100HZ 99% sRGB Professional Computer Monitor

If you’re looking for a gaming monitor, or something with a lot of pixel density this isn’t it. If you’re looking for a budget or secondary screen? Go for it.

The picture definitely doesn’t do it justice bc the glare from the sun.
I was using a tv for gaming, but wanted nicer graphics now that I have a ps5. This was well worth the money! You can’t adjust the height (unless you buy a separate attachment) but you can move the actual screen up and down to your liking. It does NOT come with speakers, however I only play with a headset on so that’s fine with me. This is a great monitor to get if you want something better than a tv, but don’t want to drop $200+.

A very decent (but basic) VA 1080P panel, for common tasks. I use this as a secondary display for e-mail and screen overflow for my Mac’s 4k screen, and it has nice soft whites, and the 75 hertz is nice for scrolling.

Is it the best panel out there, even for 1080P? No. Is it worth the $76 I paid for it? Absolutely.

Although, it might not be the best for gaming. I use it for casual scrolling as I connect it to my laptop. The graphics are so clear and perfect (I really cant review them for gaming purposes since I haven’t tried them for games). But the screen is big enough and you can easily type essays or watch youtube! I rate It a 5 stars!